Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 7, 2006

It’s Thursday, it’s raining and my guitar’s untuned. So sorry.

Okay, so there I was, a Wendy’s Big Classic double in hand and a Biggie iced tea in the other.

No television. No interesting book to read. No company.

At least, there was the clock.

It said 1:45 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

That meant I was two hours off my last workout. A measly two hours had gone by and there I was, polishing off a half-pound slab of ground beef topped with cabbage leaves, thin tomato slices, pickles, onions and a generous amount of mayonnaise pinched-in by yellowish buns.

Plus iced tea.

Does that mean that the 1-hour, 30-minute exercise I earlier did was a waste of effort?
Allow me to post a hypothetical question then.

You’re in a rush to get to Greenbelt 3 because you have a one-on-one interview there.

You want to save time.

So, instead taking a cab from, say, Farmers in Cubao, you decide to hop on the MRT.

Okay. So this is the time when you go “I get the punchline, what’re you going to do with all the time saved?”

Naaah. It isn’t that.

Stay with me awhile.

While on the train, you pick up a romance novel that someone had accidentally left behind. Having nothing better to do, you leaf through the pages. You made it through halfway through the book when you realize you’ve reached your destination.

You go down walk away and from nowehere, the voice of your Lit professor echoes through your mind: That book you read was a waste of time.

My question is: In the grand scheme of life, by reading such rubbish, did you throw away the minutes you saved when you took the train?

Help me. I’m stumped.



  1. You can’t “save” time because no matter what you do, it’ll slip through your fingers anyway.

    So better to have gained knowledge (by finding out that book was rubbish and that you saved a couple of bucks by not taking a cab) than not to have gotten anything at all.

    Next time, drive your new Vios. It’ll save you from random senseless encounters with runaway literature.

  2. Hahaha.
    There you go.
    I see the light.

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