Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 26, 2006

Blog food

Okay, so I’m starting to get a handle on this blog thing.
Things I’ve discovered so far:

–It’s an online journal
–It’s a new form of journalism
–It makes pretending to do work in the office a lot more believable
–It trumps porn-surfing as means of passing time

Okay, I admit.
The pleasure I get reading through people’s blogs still comes with the guilt of someone who has leafed through somebody else’s written journal but hey, I’ll get over it soon.

At least, I’ve started to get the hang of it.
In fact, I’ve even come up with my own list of things to eat or drink while crafting or browsing through a blog.
I’ve even coined an imaginative name for the list. It’s called:

The top ten things to eat or drink while crafting or browsing through a blog.

1. Coke light. Zero sugar. Zero calories. Great taste. Yeah, I know. Hard sell. Boo! Hiss! But I don’t care. Neither do I care that it will melt my brain before I’m 50, de-calcium-ize my teeth in a few years and thin my stomach and intestine walls to onion skin proportions tomorrow. You pop the tab, chug the contents down in successive gulps till your throat burns, listen to your stomach growl and burp while you blog. Heaven.
2. Quarterpounder with Cheese. Supersize my ass. It’s tasty enough to tickle the buds in your tongue but not too much so that you want to have no recollection of it whatsoever after the third bite.
3. Zinger. Hot. Mayonnaise-y. And the cabbage leaves pinched in between the fluffy buns and the chicken patty make up for my recommended monthly allowance for vegetables.
4. Hot chocolate. Because I browse usually between past midnight or pre-dawn at a café fronting Starbucks Taft, hot chocolate’s a must. The hot chocolate’s not Starbucks, though. It’s homemade. Cooked with sweetened milk. The chocolate, pure cocoa rocks whose scent alone can drive one to a frenzy, comes from Camiguin island.
5. Big bacon classic. Big enough to fill you up but not too big to make you gag and turn green at the sight of food.
6. Chippy. Fill your mouth with them salty, crispy corn flakes. Once you’ve packed enough in to puff your cheeks outward, take three gulps of Coke light and then chew. I swear, you’ll find the experience delightful.
7. Yang Chow fried rice topped with steamed fresh dumplings in a box, eaten with chopsticks. Gives you the feel of being in a movie where the characters pore through documents of a murder case while eating Chinese take-out. It doesn’t quite have the same appeal minus the box and the chopsticks.
8. Quaker Oats. Take two single packs, mix it in a cup of boiling water and then dump four tablespoons of low-fat powdered milk and add half a teaspoon of sugar. Bet my baby sisters’ bangs you’ll forget your name for a split second after the first bite. And remember to blog after the next.
9. KFC Hotshots. Extra hot. Again, goes well with Coke Light. Then again, what doesn’t?
10. Brownies. The plain garden variety ones. Mixed with a special ingredient of the Amsterdam-garden variety courtesy of Radioactive Sago Project frontman Lourd de Veyra (Shameless name-dropping!!!). Wow, pare. As in.

Hey, what were you expecting? Wild boar sauced with a porcini mushroom demiglaze and served over vegetable risotto? Cured beef Carpaccio? Tagliatelle Puttanesca? Pollo con Carciofi?
I mean, c’mon. That’s just from two months of blogging people. Coming soon: Top ten music to listen to while blogging. Top ten body parts to scratch while blogging. Top ten facial expressions to wear so it won’t look like you’re blogging while blogging.

Think of a list. I’ll make one up for you.



  1. adik ka.

  2. “Coffee then.
    There’s a starbucks across the street where I live.
    If you and jang ever pass by taft avenue again, or if you both ever go trip on manila’s lights again… holler out.
    Coffee’s so on me.”

    hi Kiko, umakyat na si Jang kanina. :-(
    Starbucks! pag linggo ba andon ka sa apartment mo or may pasok ka non? Sobrang ang lapit mo pala talaga sa La Salle, kung alam ko lang, e di kinatok na kita habang hinihintay matapos si Jang mag exam tuwing Linggo. Hehe.

  3. Yeah. As in, tuwing umiinat ako sa umaga, kinakatok ko yung pinto ng starbucks.
    Sunday, may pasok ako.
    Unless you guys are up for pre- or post-lunch coffee. 3 to 10 pm ako eh.

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