Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | October 17, 2006


That night?
When I was supposed to leave for somewhere and you asked, with eyes round with sadness and tears falling freely, who’ll be there when you need someone to talk to?
I said I would be there.
You asked me to promise.
I said yes.
Then, in that wonderfully baby-like manner that made me laugh amid the sadness, you asked me to verbalize the promise in a complete, coherent  sentence.

Remember how I couldn’t?
Thanks to a coffee nut, I finally found a way to express what I meant that night.




  1. Kiko, Happy Birthday.

    This post is veeeery sad.

  2. it is/was your birthday? have a happy one Kiko!

  3. Nie… Thanks! People say things will get better, though. I’m really counting on that.

    Kat. Yup. Today. :-)
    That makes two coffees I owe Jang and you.
    Show up at my starbucks part of the world na!

  4. happy birthday, francis! belated pala! just linked you up in my site. :)

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