Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | November 18, 2006

An amusing sidelight

And then there’s this article that I had a lot of fun doing.

I’m not sure if our paper has enough space to run this feature. If we have, it’s probably going to edited for brevity; aside from the fact that it will be edited because the writing sucks.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing this interview with fellow Filipino reporters…

By Francis Ochoa

LAS VEGAS—The self-styled, self-professed No. 1 trainer in the world watched intently as Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales took their turns on the weighing scale Friday afternoon at the Cox Concourse inside the University of Nevada-Las Vegas campus.

            Later on, speaking with journalists who asked for his take on the fight Saturday night at the Thomas andMack
Center, he introduced himself with a little impromptu rap.

            “My name is Floyd Mayweather senior,” he began. “Former fighter now poetic writer.

            “I will shock your mind, I’m one of the kind, I’m the greatest trainer of all time,” he continued, never skipping a beat. “I’m the best in the north, south, east and west. For the rest there is no contest, I must impress.

            “I’m electrified, bonafide, qualified. I’ve got the world petrified, hypnotized, mesmerized. I’m the motivator, innovator creator of the new and improved fighter today. No one in the world can take my place.

            “I’m the man of the hour and too sweet to be sour,” he added.

            And almost from out of nowhere, triggered by a question from somewhere, he ended up with a phonetically incongruent line that sounded like music to the ears—depending from which side of fight night you were listening to it.

            “Pacquiao is going to stop his a*s,” said Mayweather Sr., father and trainer of Floyd Jr., the reigning WBC super welterweight champion of the world and highly regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer today.

            His reasons, though, came more from the former fighter than the poetic writer.

            “Once a guy stops you, it does something to [you],” said Mayweather. “It does something to a fighter [in his] mind.”

            He even went as far as predicting that the fight won’t last the distance and will end quicker than Pacquiao’s 10th round knockout of Morales in the second match of their pay-per-view-blockbuster trilogy.

            “Usually, the guy stops him faster the second time around,” said Mayweather. “I don’t care if it’s the ninth. I’m going to say he (Morales) is going to go before the 10th round.”

            Mayweather based his assertions on what he saw of Morales during the weigh-in.

            “What I saw out there in the weigh-in was an anorexic,” Mayweather said, referring to those who suffer with an irrational obsession to lose weight. “I’ve seen skin and bones. And then I see the other guy in the other end who was physically fit and muscular.”

            Mayweather, though, did not discount the possibility of Morales coming out and pulling off an upset—which would be a major one based on oddsmakers at the presenting Wynn hotel’s Sports Book, which has Pacquiao a -260 favorite and Morales a +220 underdog.

            “I ain’t saying it (a Morales victory) is not going to happen,” said Mayweather. “But for him to do what he says he’s going to do, I think it’s going to take a miracle.”

            Mayweather was in the corner of Floyd Jr when the latter annexed yet another world title via a decision over Carlos Baldomir.

            Although the trainer said he has “nothing against Erik Morales,” a little bias is understandable.

            Mayweather is part of the Golden Boy stable of Oscar De La Hoya, who is trying hard to add Pacquiao to his galaxy of stars. De La Hoya, Floyd Jr., Marco Antonio Barrera and some of the biggest boxing names in Golden Boy stable are reportedly set to fly in and watch the bout to support Pacquiao.

            Pacquiao is currently contracted under Bob Arum’s Top Rank, which is promoting this final chapter of the Pacquiao-Morales rivalry.

All together now: Go Pacquiao!!!



  1. Pap-parap-Pacquiao… Love ko ‘to!

    Go Pacquiao!

    (My money’s on Morales though, nagpustahan kami ni Don Jaime. Pero eto na yata ang pustahan na ikagagalak kong matalo. Naks.)

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