Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | December 1, 2006

We interrupt this program…

…for this little private joke that only close friends will understand (No, she’s not the one referred to in the post but it kinda rhymes with the punchline of my year, no? Din? Lex?). Hahahahahaha:

I will soon return to transferring the handwritten journal of my US trip as soon as my dry, bitter and sarcastic laughing’s over.



  1. oh yeah. oh yeah. =)

    I also don’t get how some girls who have sex with a certain person translates said experience to having found the love of their life. Then they go have crying marathons when the great asshole leaves. Well, here’s something to think about: When you turn 60, the only thing that that macho man who gave you the to-die-for orgasm would be able to give you, are his dentures for cleaning.

  2. (in true Elvis fashion)

    Thank yeww…Thankyouverymuuuch!!!

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