Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | December 12, 2006

Subic Rape Case postscript: Korina

Having been busy covering Manny Pacquiao, meeting my mom for the first time in 14 years and manning the desk for our Asian Games coverage, I was kinda too distracted to notice that the Subic Rape Case (yes, all caps on purpose as it has taken a propernounsmanship of its own) finally came to a close.

I just went over snippets in news articles and columns to be able to get a general view of things, enough to stay in the conversation during drinks with the gang or small talk with my barber.

And then I came upon this. Which I later confirmed through this.

Wow. I can’t believe Korina Sanchez actually broke an honored code in journalism.

And, yes, the Supreme Court made the naming of rape victims unlawful? She must’ve broken the law, then? And she’s entitled to get away with it?

Y’know, we should be able to get away with it too. Breaking the law, I mean.

You see, Korina cannot hide behind the fact that apparently, the court reader (?) blurted out the true name of “Nicole” during the announcement of the verdict. But apparently, that’s what gave her the moral right to go announcing the name of “Nicole” not once, as Susan Roces would have said, but twice.

By that logic, it means that…

During my college years, a couple of my journ school classmates drew the unfortunate card of having to OJT under her. They later found out that you only need two skills to OJT under Korina.

Make coffee and run to the nearest deli to pick up a sandwich.

Thus, one of those who OJT-ed under her always referred to her as a cock-sucking, cunt-flashing slut (The most tasteless tongue-twister to date). Having heard someone say that, does that give me the moral right to go on national television to say that she’s a cock-sucking, cunt-flashing slut?

When she tried to yank a friend out of a cell after he was detained for doing something wrong, another classmate called her a power-hungry whore.

Does that mean I can go on national TV to call her the same?

Or, or, or, while riding a cab, the talkative driver, upon learning I was a member of the media, went into a Korina tirade and labeled her a cheapskate daughter of a whore.

So, hypothetically speaking, can I go on national TV and say, “Hey, Korina, how do you feel about being called a cheapskate daughter of a whore by someone who has a tenth of the schooling you have but apparently talks more sense than you do?”

Of course, that might get me sued for libel because I don’t have anyone to quote on the “someone who has a tenth of the schooling you have but apparently talks more sense than you do?” part.

But hey, you get the point.

Then again, for all you know, Korina may have not realized that she made a mistake and thus charge the impropriety to good ol’ slip of the tongue. I mean, a person who gained fame simply by reading what others wrote for her should be allowed the freedom to make mistakes, right?

It’s not like we’re talking of a dyed-in-the-wool journalist here. This is Korina Sanchez, for chrissakes.

You can go to high school journalism classes all over the country and find an average of 50 teenagers far more skilled and more ethically-sound than her. So, you know, it may have just been a mistake.

So this is me, giving Korina Sanchez the benefit of the doubt.

And this is me, trying so hard not to snicker.



  1. duh what’s the difference?everybody knows suzette nicolas now as the rape victim.let people see how she looks like and comment for what is this site trying to say.give suzette guts to sue korina sanchez??for another controversial case?her name was said broadcast around philippines during the verdict and has no difference if korina said it or not.stop talking about the case cause its worthless all of you got nothing to do’s better if all of you people will concentrate feeding urselves rather than being nosesy!!have a god day and god bless

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