Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | December 21, 2006

Plugging and begging shamelessly

Sports fans, hear ye.

By the time January comes around, the Philippine Sportswriters Association, which prides itself as being the oldest news organization in the country, will be handing out the Athlete of the Year award.

A collection of the country’s top sportswriters were commissioned by Manila Bulletin sports editor Ding Marcelo to hammer out articles for the Sports Page, the group’s yearend publication. By the way, ever notice how organizations trumpet their years of existence and pride themselves in being the oldest this-and-that while human beings tend to shave years off their real age and try to look as young as possible?

Anyway, the Sports Page, unfortunately, is a limited edition magazine that doesn’t have a website of its own. So those precious articles are usually tucked in some sports lover’s library, far from the eyes of the rest of the world.

So I’m doing you a favor here. I managed to grab hold of the hard copies of those articles and I’m posting it here.

If you are a fan of sports or someone who hopes to pursue sportswriting, these articles, will provide you an idea as to what a good sports piece should be.


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