Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 9, 2007

Not yet, Ely Buendia, not now

HIGH School pal Gerry has this thing against posting blogs when other people have written about his subject of choice. He reads blogs and when someone posts something he was about to write about, he rewrites his piece.

He can afford that.

As one of the more creative minds in the ad industry, Gerry has one of the deepest, wildest and freakiest imaginations this side of the world. Coming up with a blog is as easy as a sexually preoccupied mental patient coming up with a hard-on while watching a porn movie.

I, on the other hand, am a struggling sports journalist whose brain is slowly drying up from a combination of alcohol, weed and the endless futile attempts at creative writing. When I do manage to think of something interesting to post, I will post it, never mind if it will sound like I thesaurus-ed myself out of plagiarism charges.

And so I will post what I was supposed to post today, never mind if it is a replica of Gerry’s post.

Because I really have to say this: Whatever you do, Mr Ely Buendia, don’t die on us yet.

You are a musical icon who is as rare as they come. You are a vacant cab with an accommodating driver during the holidays. You are the cop that actually looks to protect the citizenry. You are an honest politician. You are a filmfest movie deserving of an award. You are a critically-acclaimed Cueshe hit.

If you go, what does that leave us with? Artistic bands under the radar and Orange and Lemons. We scrounge the city for bars where one plays and puke when the other’s songs go on air.

As long as you’re there, we always have Eraserheads. E-Heads. The band. THE Band.

Forget Pupil. You will always be Eraserheads to me, just as E-Heads can never be reincarnated without you.

You played at 6-underground once as Pupil. Then for encore, you played two E-heads hits. I still have one of those performances on my cellphone video library, tucked between two porn quickies (that’s how much I adore you).

Before you, there was Pepe Smith and Mike Hanopol. And Smith had the sense to stay alive—never mind if physically, he is a weeded-out, jail-dried version of his old self—long after you made the E-heads the next Pinoy rock band after Juan dela Cruz. Hanopol lives on too. Don’t tell me you’re going to die ahead of them.

Die, Ely, and Hale’s going to write a tribute song for you. There, that should jolt your heart back to life.

Don’t get me wrong.

I would benefit greatly from your death. As a loyal Thomasian, you are the only reason I regret not having studied at the University of the Philippines (yeah, I am that shallow).

More than that, imagine how much my Ibanez acoustic guitar, which I bought for P15,000, would be worth now that it has your signature and the dedication: Francis, rock and roll! (signed) Ely 2006.

A friend of mine was willing to purchase it for P20k. And you are still alive. And that’s not including the photo of you signing it. And the signed confession of an Inquirer employee who overheard you saying that it’s your first time to affix a signature on a guitar.

But you can’t die yet. The next definitive band in the local scene hasn’t come out yet. Your presence is what helps keep music fans (even idiotic ones like me) patient.

Besides, heart attack at 36?

That’s not the way for music icons to go.

If people found you dead after OD-ing on your drug of choice, I’d probably be more at peace with that.

Or maybe if you blew your brains out like Kurt Cobain did.

Or if you were shot the way John Lennon was.

Imagine if I were the one who shot you!

Imagine how much my guitar would cost then!

But no, Ely, the music industry needs you. Some say you’re past your musical prime. That after struggling to rein yourself (sometimes with the help of Raymund and the rest of E-heads) from falling into three-chord pop compositions, there’s nothing left in that wonderfully insane brain of yours but indecipherable music that only those in cloak-and-dagger security agencies would appreciate.

I don’t think so.

I think you’re very much like a surfer who has exhausted himself catching wave after similar wave and who decided to plant his board in the sand and sit down to watch the sea.

But you aren’t just watching. Your eye is cast towards the horizon, eyeing that perfect wave, waiting.

So get through this and live longer, ayt? When that perfect wave comes, we want to watch you go out there and catch it.

Stupid metaphor, eh? Simply put, we still want to hear you speak to us more through music.



  1. Ahihi…great minds think alike daw…Ely wag mo kaming iwan! Intayin mo munang mamatay yung mga banda ngayon!

  2. right…

    die mediocre shits, die!
    long live ely buendia!!!

  3. Congratulations. As of this time, your blog is listed as the 10th link in Google when one types “ely buendia heart attack.” Gerry must be jealous.

    This is one of the best blog articles I’ve ever read, hilarious! The metaphor at the end was mushy, but never mind that, I get your point because I feel that way too.

    I agree that Ely deserves a legendary death (Diane will go nuts if she reads this). Pero pag nabaril si Ely Lennon-style, alam ko na kung sinong ituturo ko sa mga pulis, hehe.

    Long live Ely Buendia! Long live E-Heads! Long live Pupil! Long live “indecipherable music that only those in cloak-and-dagger security agencies would appreciate!”

  4. abangan ‘nyo inquirer entertainment one of these days… this blog will be published! hanep ah!

  5. You are a vacant cab with an accommodating driver during the holidays. –> yun yun e

    naks naiyak ako dun. magaling magaling magaling

  6. exagg.


    “sometimes with the help of Raymund and the rest of E-heads”… huuuuy, insulto ‘to. very unfair. i don’t think ely could’ve made it without raimund, buddy and marcus behind him.

    at hindi ba minsang sinabi ni ely na ayaw n’yang ma-associate sa eraserheads?


    he isn’t that great. for me, that is. parang john lennon, everyone’s favorite Beatle, pero yun ay dahil lang s’ya ang frontman. pero sino ang mas may meat? ang mas may laman? si lennon nga ba? talaga? sigurado ka?

    anyhoo, yun ay ganang akin lang naman. :-)

    (and this is an original eraserheads fan commenting. one who defended the band in front of the whole class when her 4th year religion teacher said their music was “evil” and not a good ifluence to the youth as according to former sen. tito sotto. hahahaha.)

  7. a friend txtd a while ago,,sabi nya patay na daw ely buendia.. havent watch any current news affair to verify it, but 22o po ba?

    well, ely’s music has gone a long way, they are one of the best bands for me…

  8. Omigosh! I hope it’s just one of those prank text messages that people can’t help composing when things like these happen.

  9. i major love ely buendia. and yes, he cannot die yet!!! nooooo!

  10. The Eraserheads’ music is a genre itself.
    So, NOT NOW Ely!
    You still need to reunite with them.

  11. congrats..

    napublish yung entry mo sa inquirer…..

  12. nakita ko to sa inquirer ah.. sunday, january 14 2k7… pages e1-e3. :3

    swerte mo, nakapag autograph pa sa gitara XD

    – Ogs

  13. “The Eraserheads’ music is a genre itself.”
    True! true! One of those sentences that you read and knock yourself in the head and go: Why didn’t I think of that?

    Yup, this was included in the Inquirer Entertainment pages, pero abridged version yung eh. Gwarsh. Now preparing for major ONL backlash. Hehehehehe.

    And yes, sometimes, the stars favor you, the planets are aligned, fate smiles on you, the universe conspires to make all cosmic accidents lead toward this particular moment when you, your guitar, a pentel pen and Ely Buendia happen to be in the same room.
    Lucky, indeed, I am, sabi nga ni Yoda.

  14. omg is it true? i’ve been listening to eheads since i was a kid. i have grown up with ehead music in my own head. my dad used to call me paraluman.

    ely buendia, don’t die on us.

  15. hey i read your blog on inquirer today. you’re a great writer; keep it up.

  16. wala di ka na mareach. booo. hahaha :) great artik ser, *salute*

  17. Sa lahat po na nag-iwan ng comment… maraming salamat!
    Sana po, hindi ito ang huling dalaw niyo sa smallville.
    At sana, sa next na concert ni Ely Buendia ay magkita-kita tayo. Lahat tayo may code name, parang si Paraluman. :-)

  18. wow.. after i’ve read a part of this article yesterday, talagang ini-save ko ung site where i can read it fully.. ely’s fine na dawa according to chito.. hehe… :)

  19. im glad that u made that article. we all want ely to stay. and all the comments here…wow.. maybe ely was trying to tel us somethin, and so let this incident be the start of a new beginning to pinoy alternative music. long live eraserheads.

  20. Hey, Francis. Great stuff! Like you, I am an E-heads/Ely fan; used to watch them when they barely knew how to play their instruments. I’m pretty sure Ely will come out of this near death experience with great music. On another note, PDI should let you write more often; our Sports pages are drier nowadays. Peace.

  21. astig naman neto…

    sir, pwede pa link? sige na. :)

  22. basta ako Ely fan forever! kahit ano pa ang banda nya… basta nanjan c ely, iba talaga!

    masaya ako na okay na sya! tsaka, SHIT xa mga taong nagkalat na patay na sya! karamahin sana sila!!!

  23. Hey…
    Wow. Ely’s experience sure has gotten his fans “banded” together in some small way!

    Ted… The honorable lawyer Te, I presume? Nice to hear from you again. btw… when I do get the itch to write sports column pieces, (ala No Rules, remember?), it comes out at Hope you can drop by there.

    fallshort… link! link! link! :-)

  24. great artik! saw ur link through bryantonpost…

    “Die, Ely, and Hale’s going to write a tribute song for you. There, that should jolt your heart back to life.”
    bwehehehe.. nice nice nice one!

    i am an e-heads fan for a loooong time. and i am so grateful that you wrote this article. still hoping for an eheads reunion. ahaaaay.

    praying for Ely’s speedy recovery. =)

  25. Hey Francis. Yes, I’m your kababayan from CDO; not too sure about the Honorable (besides, that’s a title that they append to people like JDV–medyo nakakaasiwang makabit sa pangalan mo ngayon yan). I will definitely drop by Keep posting.


  26. By the way… to those who’ve linked me and those who’ve commented… leave your blogsite addy na rin so I could drop by. If you don’t mind, that is.
    Thanks! :-)

  27. Hey, I saw your article in the inquirer and couldn’t help it: I had to laugh. Your Ely Buendia fanaticism reminds me so much of my own Sofia Coppola obssession. I can imagine how it feels to have someone you idolize so much experience something life-threatening. I’d be bawling my eyes out. Haha.

    I love that you write your article so fervently and I hope to see more newspaper stuff from you. :)

    By the way, I agree with your sentiments about being left with Oranges and Lemons and Hale. I think my brain would explode from all that banality. Haha.

  28. Don’t die yet, Ely…I beg.

  29. I would have to agree with you on most of the statements you had.

    I’m 14 years old and I’m too young to be mourning my eyes off because of my musical hero. I mean, the bands today arent even a percent as good as the Eraserheads. And I’ve not yet seen another OPM artist write a song as silly and sensible both at the same time, like that of Ely’s when he was still the fave Ehead.

    AY. I hope he recovers, and when he does, questions about the Reunion MUST be answered. :D

  30. […] As one of the more creative minds in the ad industry, Gerry has one of the deepest, wildest and freakiest imaginations this side of the world. Coming up with a blog is as easy as a sexually preoccupied mental patient coming up with a hard-on while watching a porn movie. [read on] […]

  31. Hi. im not sure if u’ve seen LivELY photos. just check my site. The best feeling was nung dumating si marcus- pag pumipirma sya ng otograph sa fans may sinusulat syang “mabuhay si ely buendia” :)


  32. great article man! Most of your sentiments are my sentiments as well.

    hindi pa ipinapanganak ang mga bang members ng bandang papalit sa lakas ng impact ng E-Heads.

    Not even Bamboo, Rivermaya or Parokya ni Edgar.

  33. mushy…pero yun din ang nararamdaman ko…

  34. good


  36. i definitely agree with you..
    i love the way how you did it..
    Lets all face it ELY is the
    E in E-HEADS..(He’s the heart and soul..)
    He’s the main man!

    He is an icon..

    But infairness to the rest of E-heads
    each of them has different attitudes as
    well as contributions why they came up
    to that fame…

    Raimund – the drummer and songwriter too..
    musical arranger at the same time..
    i love how he and ely did a collaboration
    on the song “fill her”..its ala
    buddy – he’s always be the greatest bassist
    he’s bassline will surely marked
    at everyone’s ear..
    Marcus – the happy man..the lead guitarist..
    He’s RiNGO!

    But still its ELY..
    He’s the icon of the century
    if OPM music will be the concern..

    He’s Lennon dressed in Filipino suit..

  37. Wow… Lennon in barong.
    I never thought of that.
    Thanks for dropping by Geouff! Do drop by often and I hope you leave your site here too so I may visit.

  38. […] Posted by jencc on January 14th, 2007 One of my major pop loves is in the hospital…at 36 years old, he’s suffered a heart attack a week ago! So young! And I chanced upon this on inq7–Not Yet, Ely Buendia, Not Now. […]

  39. ngayon ko lang nabasa dito sa smallville. nice site. nice piece. ely is well and “blooming” sabi ng pupil fan. :) wag lng sana syang pakumpansya. take care ely..!

  40. Rose: Thanks for dropping by. :D Hope you do so often at sana iwan mo rin link mo. :D

    Go, Ely, go! :D

  41. […] Unaware that Ely Buendia had a heart ailment before, […]

  42. […] published in a newspaper or magazine several times. I had a piece published in a paper just once, and it was a plea to the heavens to save Ely Buendia from the paralyzing—and sometimes fatal—eff…. And I did write about the reunion concert for all of Smallville to […]

  43. indeed, ely is legend… thanks to all who made him one.. its u and me… its us… eraserheads ( that includes marcus, raimund, and buddy) made ely and ely made eraserheads… eheads is US.. and we forever be…

  44. MR ELY BUENDIA makes me bipolar. Everytime.

  45. MR ELY BUENDIA makes me schizophrenically bipolar. Everytime.

  46. hahahaha bipolar! Nice one! :-) I actually had my son create an Ely B. character in our Sims2 game. :-)

  47. Off topic – Help with PM?
    lost password
    Boss Resurfacing
    Boss Resurfacing

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