Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 19, 2007

He’s okay

MUSIC fans, breathe easy.

Nope.. ONL hasn’t decided to disband yet. So you can keep that medication prescribed by your shrink to temper your insanity for when the next remake is going to hit the radio waves.

But there’s greater news in the local music scene.

Ely Buendia’s out of the hospital.

This is according to his manager, who was kind enough to reply to a text message left by one of the Inquirer entertainment reporters asking for an update on Ely Buendia’s condition.

After suffering from a heart attack and going through angioplasty operations twice to unclog his arteries, Ely Buendia’s home, recuperating, although he is still under medication.

No, forget the rumors. He is under prescribed medication.

That means the Pinoy music scene still has hope for a renaissance of sorts.

I guess he decided he couldn’t leave us with all the “banality” that’s almost causing some people’s heads to explode, as someone commented in the blog previous to this.

I don’t think he’s well enough to answer questions about an E-heads reunion, though. But yes, wouldn’t that be as cool as watching all those stupid bands cramming themselves into a bus and driving off a cliff?

Anyway, life goes on for Ely Buendia and the asking price for my guitar, which he signed, the photo of said signing coming out in the Inquirer Entertainment page, skyrocketed to P20,048. Yes, somebody upped the ante by P33 and then somebody added P15 bucks to the bidding.

Except that my friends conveniently forgot that MY GUITAR IS NOT FOR SALE and will never be.

Sifting through the comments on the previous blog, I do realize now that yes, if somebody were to shoot Ely Lennon-style, I would be a prime suspect, no?

So here’s what I’ll do.

I vow to watch over him the rest of my life. I’ll cover his back, ward off overzealous fans and make sure he’s safe from harm every single second of his life.

And don’t ever let me catch anybody accusing me of stalking.

ps… some of you guys forgot to attach the link to your blogsites. Please leave them here so I can drop by, too. Ciao!



  1. Thank God Ely is ok. Excuse me for the first name basis Mr Buendia hehehe anyways i was on my way back to Vancouver via JAL when i learned Ely had a heart attack. Im glad tha he is recovering.
    And like you i might become a stalker too.


  2. wahoo!!!

  3. dude,

    keep on watching over ely for all of us. :)

    posted your PDI article in my blog btw.


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