Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 24, 2007

A true ghost story

I do not believe in ghosts.

I said in a previous post that the existence of ghosts defies all logic. Think of it. You die. You become a spirit. What in this fucking world would make you want to continue staying in it?

And then a couple of days ago, hanging out in the house with a few friends, I spoke with Sheila, a perky nursing student with doe eyes and a disarming smile who happens to be the girlfriend of one of my best friends.

She had just finished her duty at East Avenue Medical Center and started talking about a supernatural experience she and the other intern nurses experienced at the morgue and one of the upper floors of East Ave.

I refused to be spooked.

Hospitals figure prominently in every urban legend and the closest thing to proof that people can offer are usually stories passed on from one person to another, therefore you always get the embellished version of it.

It’s like someone starts out with Cinderella and you end up hearing about The Hatchback of Notre Dame Who Stayed Behind While All Other Pigs Went To The Market To Sell A Cow And Got Beanstalks Instead.

So no, I refused to be spooked.

Until Sheila showed me the photos.

Yup, photos she took with her camera phone. One was snapped just outside the morgue, facing a wall. Which meant the resulting photograph should have registered a block of concrete standing perpendicular to the floor.

Instead, it registered something like this:

dark eyes and many more
In the red circle, if you zoom it, are at least three humanlike figures from the chest up. The one in the black circle is an entire face—as if someone suddenly approached the camera while the picture was being taken. You can clearly make out the eyes.

The second one was taken in a stock room several floors up the East Ave. building.

As a backgrounder, in the far end of the stock room is a window, outside of which is nothing but a dead drop several floors down. There’s not even a ledge to balance yourself on in case you decide to grab some air and smoke a cig or what.

And yet, this:

peeping spirit

Zoom to the black circle and you’ll see a figure that looks like someone from the outside decided to lean over through the window and stick his or her head into the corridor.

My mind started churning out a logical explanation. But then, Sheila, excitedly went on and told stories of how they came about to snapping pictures in the hospital after finishing their rounds.

The words are a blur to me right now. Although I still vaguely remember her telling about the usual cold air brushing against the arms and the nape, elevators that would open only halfway, as if someone from the inside refused to reveal himself, someone whispering “yes ma’am” to a question and everyone realizing that none of them spoke a word.

I started growing goose pimples all over.

This was Sheila, a child of the sciences. Someone who can look at a body at the morgue and would still refuse to declare it dead until she attaches it to an ECG monitor and it registers a flatline. Someone who says you love with your mind because your heart is a muscle mass that pumps blood and can be jump-started by a defibrillator once it conks out.

And she believed that what happened belonged to the realm of the supernatural.

I still do not believe in ghosts.

I still do not get spooked by urban legends in hospital settings.

I still do not believe in unfinished business because for me, the moment your organs give up on you, your business here is finished.

Lately, though, at night, I have to repeat those statements to myself so I do not end up sleeping the sleep of troubled spirits.



  1. Surprisingly, even modern steel and glass towers in Makati harbor creepy entities. I moved to several offices already, lahat may multo. Kahit ako namulto na minsan. Imagine typing away a radio script late one night, alone. I stopped tapping the keyboards to check the flow of my script pero wag ka, yung keyboard sa katabi kong cubicle humahataw sa ingay.

    Saved my half-baked script and dashed off, leaving all the lights and Macs on. Now I finish all my work before everyone leaves the office, hehehehe.

  2. Langya dapat sa title palang di ko na binasa ang entry na to e. May photos pa amf. Pano na ko talaga magiisa sa flat nyan? Ay karamba.

  3. Kiko my sked for work this weekend is in my blog, sa comments. Hope you can come by. (-:

  4. dude,

    just added you in my links.

    go, peyups! :)

  5. 10% of the human genome is still unmapped. They say it’s the blueprint for the human soul.
    -From the moveie “Doom”.

  6. Im glad im not crazy, I notice thimgs like this in pictures all the time. Ur second pic to the left there is a little dark spot zooming in I could tell its a face.

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