Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | February 28, 2007

Invitation to a lynching

WHO: All Smallville residents and their kin to the fifth degree of consanguinity or affinity
WHAT: Lynching (Because Cupid’s fans failed to rally around him)
WHEN: High noon, during the winter of our discontent
WHERE: Old warehouse on F. Manalo St., San Juan, in front the old, abandoned Baguio Oil factory
BRING: Any weapon of mass destruction and your vilest sense of imagination

Cupid’s in no mood to fight back.
You wouldn’t too if you had two days worth of cold rice and sardines for a four-day incarceration period.
This is how we’ll do it.
One by one, we will enter the dilapidated warehouse. The others will stay outside and keep watch.
Do what you want.
Just don’t bring cars. Or wear dark shades. Or leather jackets
As contrary as this may seem to the people who create action movies of the Filipino variety, such behavoir does attract attention, possibly of the law enforcement kind.
Leave behind your conscience, too.

He is a god, for crying out loud.
You can’t kill him.

But he can be hurt.

So go ahead,
it’s a free-for-all.
The comments section awaits your bloodthirstiness…



  1. Yay! Sige ganito. Mabait naman ako eh, so …

    Ganito. Habang tinotorture nyo syang lahat, aalagaan ko sya. Tutulungan ko sya, papakainin ko, paliliguan, bibigyan ng load, the works. Basta savior ako, savior. Gagawin ko yun lahat to the point na feeling nya di na sya magsusurvive without me, tapos magiging dependent sya sakin. Tapos maiinlove sya sakin, yung feeling nya ako lang ang importante sa buhay nya at wala ng iba. Tapos pag sobrang obssessed na sya sakin — YUN. Dun ko sya iiwan. Di ko itetext back, di ko tatawagan, di ko kakamustahin, dededmahin. Tapos paparty ako gabi gabi, manlalalake. Ipaparamdam ko sa kanya kung gano sya ka-walang kwenta sakin. Hanggang sa sobra syang madepress na mas gugustuhin na lang nya mamatay.

    PERO. Hindi nga pala sya pwede mamatay, no? Wawa naman sya. So yun, matinding torture na yun. Magtatanda rin sya after. HAHA.

  2. That’s one fucked up comment up there…

  3. Hahahaha!
    Good start! Cupid’s really going to get it.

    iheartblackeyes… I had the impression you were scandinavian. But since you understood the comment… Or were you referring to something else?

  4. I am scandinavian. I did not understand a word of that comment.

  5. RISSAAAAAA damang-dama! hahahaha :) shet!

  6. looks like cupid’s going to be beaten black and blue… tsk tsk.

  7. pano kaya nya nasabing may sa-puta (pakisalin na lamang sa ingles) ang aking komento? hahahaha

  8. Rissa… Ganun na lamang ang aking pinagtatakhan din.

    May comment from a previous post galing ke notthatitmatters ( lilipat ko lang dito.
    Here goes:

    Wow, wish I stumbled on this blog last V-day.. not that it matters but sana yung conclusion ng story is: after being starved and subjected to mental torture by an endless loop of Britney Spears, Westlife videos and PGMA’s SONA speeches, you suddenly tell him you’re letting him go and throw the keys of the handcuffs at him. You exit the building. A loud explosion is heard as the key is actually wired to detonate a super micro bomb in his handcuffs.
    P.S I like the fact that you keep mentioning that warehouse in F. Manalo– I know that place so I can imagine killing Cupid there so much beter.

  9. Yaman din lamang naglipat ako ng mga comments, eto pa yung mga sumali sa lynching:

    Ems (
    blow up the house. (of course, before playing with him for a while) (oh please define playing!–cois)

    Cy (
    why kill cupid? you have his arrows, right? hook him up with mahal! or mura.
    *evil grin*

    Islander (
    I’ve got one naughty thought, but I’m sure you know what it is. (too bad I don’t—cois)

    W (
    let’s gang up on him and watch him slowly die. kill kill kill!

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