Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | March 10, 2007

And here I thought it’s only because I’m too dumb*

Starbucks. Greenbelt 3. Twointhemorningish. Friday.

“Actually, they say they close at 2 a.m. but they don’t really shoo out customers who are still inside ,” I explain to her while she sips her favorite brew, the edge of the paper cup tucked between delicate lips.

“When they say they close at two, it means they won’t accept customers anymore past two,” I add satisfactorily, feeling like I had just explained how the Big Bang created the universe and how a force called the anti matter will suck everything into a state of nothingness once Big Bang reaches the breaking point of its elasticity and recoils to create an opposite, destructive force.

“Oh,” she says, almost unimpressed. The smile, though, I must really say this, never leaves her face. That smile. THAT. SMILE.

The smile was present the whole Thursday evening and it still is early Friday morning. It never dips into a straight line never mind if we’ve reachedthe point where we desperately need coffee. And I don’t even drink coffee.

We need coffee for two different reasons.

I, because I WAITED for her to finish her job in the same amount of time it took the universe to unfold and I had fed a colony of mosquitoes enough blood for them to survive the refolding of said universe while waiting.

She, because she had me for company.

A little later a couple of girls enter Starbucks. One was dressed in a short skirt and a loose wraparound blouse whose edge dangled seductively off her left shoulder. The other wore a body-hugging top matched with tight jeans. I swear, you could squeeze oranges with what she wore.

It is 10 past two.

“I guess that proves your theory wrong,” she says playfully. THAT. SMILE. again.

“I don’t get it,” I protest. “I tried just last week to get a cup of coffee here and the guard wouldn’t let me in because it was two on the dot.”

“Well,” she says. “If you’re a girl and you’re dressed like those two, you would have pulled it off.” THAT. SMILE. turns naughty.

“I guess you’re right.”

“And if you had a certain amount of charm, you would have pulled it off.” THAT. SMILE. turns wider.

“I guess you’re right.”

We sip our coffees. There is a silent pause.

“And oh,” I say after a while. “Thanks for reminding me I suffer from a total lack of charm.”


“Did I say that?” she asks, an eyebrow cocked upward. THAT. SMILE. turns mischievous.
*a sort of sequel to the post previous to this



  1. ahahaha tangna kinilig ako. ♥

  2. yiheeeee *hearts everywhere* haha

  3. hindi lang pala ako ang naglulumandi habang magkatext tayo! hahahahaha!

  4. sweet! i think i love her already.

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