Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | April 8, 2007


On one hand, it can be a chore, this constant need to mark calendar dates to fulfill such worldly obligations as wearing ones soles out looking for the perfect present in human-infested malls.

On the other hand, it can creep up on you like those unsuspecting treats you get from life. A sudden awakening just in time to catch the sunrise with a head no longer heavy with leftover sleep or a cup of hot chocolate you left on the table only to come back to it and finding that it had cooled to just perfect conditions.

Or it can be oh so like this.

Like, say, sitting in a table that looked like a meeting of Weepinghearts Anonymous only there was more than the allowable-percentage-for-sobriety share of alcohol being passed around and then capping the night with laughter that simply refused to be contained.

Or, say, snapping out of a sun-kissed, wind-brushed reverie and staring at a handful people flopped on the sand, worn out by the previous evening’s laughing spree.

On one hand, it can be a nerve-wracking, life-altering crossroad and you have to face questions like should I cross that line because you promised a forever filled with afternoons where we let our noses chase after faint traces of sea breeze or should I stay behind it because you can be dangerous sometimes with the promises you casually toss around without care for the people who catch them.

And on that same hand, it can leave you often worn out. Like too tired to cry because you’ve shed a tear and it was a good one and that’s that.

On the other hand, it can be as simple and uncomplicated as, say, should we stay overnight or should we milk the day for what it has to offer. Or, much simpler even: Should we try the sea or the pool?

Yup, sometimes friendships can be confusing.

But you take the good with the bad, right?

Because for every missed date because you were too busy attending to someone else and didn’t-I-tell-you-I-had-someplace-to-go? when really, you didn’t and for every phone call where the phone did not ring because the battery was low—meaning someone was on the other line, I know that now—and for every sigh that had to be expelled to keep the chest from collapsing due to tightness?

There is this.


One Quezon evening where insobriety was but a mask for trust and a reason for openness, where secrets are spilled out in the knowing that what is spoken here shall not be spoken of elsewhere and where the kindred-ness of spirits is forged.

One day at some beach tucked in the edges of Batangas with people who share with you nothing but a love for the sun, the sea and the laughter every waking moment is pregnant with.

And this.

Real people. Real people with real smiles. Real people with real smiles who make you forget that the world can sometimes be a burden.

I won’t even go into the irony of how these things crop up at such solemn celebrations such as the Holy Week.

Instead, to those who made it happen with their presence, and those who added to the longing with their absence, I know I owe you more than a simple token of gratitude. But I have combed the mind for a better word and have yet to find one so apt, so perfect, that I can offer to you. So, you know.

Thanks, wasakrew.

How was your Holy Week, Smallville residents? How long do we have to keep peeling ourselves of the old sin-stained skin, bask in the new one and peel it off again the next Holy Week before we realize that we are but onions?

This post in photos here. (so you can put faces to the people i refer to)



  1. *sniff sniff*

    onions ba kamo? use aquamundo goggles!!! :D

  2. sayang. sana andun ako.

  3. *hikbi*

    inggit ='(

  4. awww… :( inggit na naman ako

  5. sana nga “naki-summer” rin ako. hehehe.

  6. pakipasa ang aquamundo goggles, please.


    alabshu cois!

  7. Cy, Emman, Lawrence the Woodie, Me-Ann and the rest of the absent wasakids:

    Rest assured your presence was assured there, and celebrated even, with a moment of silence. Just in case wala pang nagkuwento sa inyo.


    To future summers! *toasts*

    Rissa: Aquamundo goggles! *wicked laughter*

  8. labshumore K-Ped!

  9. […] Day One in Lucena, Quezon. The food was great. There was a swimming pool. A nature haven of sorts. A lot of drinking ensued. Talking, sharing, bonding. Wasakan sa Lucena, y’all. A better retelling here. […]

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