Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | April 17, 2007


Which is known in the Inquirer under the title: “Lawrence! I can’t believe you had no other name to tag

Just kidding. It’s just that I’m not much into this blog-tagging thing. And I would really have shrugged off the tag.

But hey, we’re talking of the Woodie here. Hereabouts, when the Woodie passes by, we drop to our knees, raise our hands and bow in unbridled, religious adoration for the one guy who spoke to Victor Wood over the phone.

And lived to tell about it.

So here goes.

1. I’m Superman. Really. Just don’t tell anyone about it, ayt?
2. But y’know, with all the fascination about Smallville and this idealistic notion of living in an idyllic, utopia-ish rural setting as Clark Kent, I haven’t actually watched a single episode of the Smallville series.
3. I hate new toothbrushes. If it were dentally and hygienically plausible, I’d have one toothbrush per lifetime. I hate elevator rides, too. Not the rise and fall. It’s the sudden stops.
4. I have always believed that, no matter from what angle you look at, there are always two kinds of people in this world. And that good and bad are the easiest ways by which we define them, especially since the world has taken a very complex turn for the worse.
5. I am a closet pop fan. I will, in the open, vouch for artsy movies and underground rock bands but I will always, in the privacy of my secret world, watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Eat Bulaga and listen to Rob Thomas, Three Doors Down and Sharon Cuneta. With glee.
6. I love Sharon Cuneta. I will marry her someday. I will wait; no matter how many lifetimes it will take.
7. I think there’s too little sleep time in the world. I love sleep. I advocate it. I once slept 36 hours straight and guess what? In that stretch, I didn’t send airplanes plowing through tall buildings, rob a bank, take another human being’s life, fart in public, break someone’s heart, run for public office or do any other thing that qualifies one for a room in hell. Sleep for peace, dudes.
8. I have dreamt of one girl, whose face I have never seen, since I was five. And I’ve been searching for her ever since using clues she leaves in my sleep.
9. I dread finding her. Because maybe it’s the search, however agonizing in a but-sweet-anyway manner, that spices up my life.
10. I am the first person to ever cry over a sports column.

And, oh, as bonus, just in case I didn’t stress this one well enough:  I am Superman. Really. It’s just that there’s kryptonite everywhere and it’s not an easy life to lead. That’s why you’ll often see me broken.

So there. I’m supposed to tag six more people, right? So everybody on my blogroll’s tagged. Except those who can invoke immunity via the no-tag-back rule. Otherwise, no exceptions!



  1. On No. 2: Di nga! Akala ko pa naman favorite mo yun. Hehe.

    No. 6: Nagtatanong lang sayo, siya pa kaya’y ibigin mo kahit maputi na ang buhok nya?

  2. Thanks for the adulation. I really cannot be proud of anything in my life except that of having an intellectual discussion with Victor Wood, albeit on the phone. Please include that in my obit when my time comes.

    And yeah, I also feel like a victim whenever I get tagged that I rarely deliver. And when I do, it’s because of a guilty conscience and an uneasy feeling that I just can’t explain so I share it with others.

    That’s why I tagged you, much like the way you are tagging every-unlucky-body else in your blogroll now.

    If you think about it, that’s another category in your list of a thousand and one “two ways to look at people”: those who answer blog-tags (good) and those who do not (bad).”

    I’m also giving you the permission to include another special category: those who have spoken to Victor Wood (good) and those who haven’t (bad).


  3. 10. I am the first person to ever cry over a sports column.

    kaninooooo ito? hahaha.

  4. Rissa: On No. 6… Yes! kahit sinlapad na sha ng superferry

    Lawrence: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA on have and have not spoken to Victor Wood

    Kate: E-mail ko sa yo…

  5. anak ng, you cried over a sports column? you bitch.

  6. i hate new toothbrushes too. it’s like breaking in a new pair of stilettos

  7. you would have too, andrea, if you read it… Hahahahaha!

  8. Cy: A toast, then, to the old toothbrushes that never fail to remind us that there is always something comforting in “old” things… :-)

  9. toothbrushes and stilettos, magkalevel?? hhahaha :)

    hay toothbrushes. iba ang attachment ko sa mga toothbrush ko hhehe. let’s form a club!

  10. at to be fair, nakakaiyak talaga yung columns. damn you cois. :P

  11. Hoy i-share nyo naman ang column na yan

  12. Nakakaiyak nga, lalo na yung Four of a Kind :(

  13. Rissa: Sabi sa yo eh. Touching. Hehehehe.

  14. paemail din nung column! =D

  15. pa-email din ng column!!!

    On No. 6: wtf, sharon??? why oh why?

  16. i think i almost cried on sports news about tiger woods’ first victory after his father died and when the tired andre agassi bid farewell to his loyal fans… touching stuff…
    love it when you said … “sleep for peace”, i think i will use that quote often…

  17. ems…
    Hehehehe. Iyaking bata ka rin pala.
    Welcome to the club.
    Sleep for Peace! Go! Go! Go!

  18. can i just tell you…you made my crappy day brighter. i was laughing out loud while reading this and your entry about dindin. and my officemates were looking at me funny. but i dont care. you’re funny!

  19. Hey idagurl…
    Thanks for the visit. Drop by often ayt? Smallville is big enough for everyone. Hehehehe.
    Easy with the officemates-don’t-know-why-i’m-laughing mode, though.
    They might have you committed. :-)
    Glad to make you laugh. Your comment made my day, too.

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