Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | April 28, 2007

Tagged, too (For the li’l sister)

Okay, here’s the problem.

Lawrence has tagged me already and I’ve given my 10 details. But then, blog-surfing one boring Wednesday afternoon, I came across the strandedwahine. And apparently she tagged me too.

So here’s the solution. Instead of giving out ten more sordid details about a life that’s about as exciting as watching a rock gather moss, I’m doing a reverse tag.

And since my little sister tagged me, I’m laying bare ten things you didn’t know about the little imp-fairy.


1. People know you as dindin, Dianne, bunchoy and many more. But you’re really biknoy, which comes from the Filipino words biik (meaning little pig) and abnoy (meaning something way below the level of normalcy)
2. You were found bundled in a basket right beside a garbage dump. Mommy took pity on you and took you home. Thus I lost my room rights. But never my right to choco-caramel pudding.
3. You can surf. You play the guitar. You play badminton. You take pictures. None of them particularly well.
4. You have a different smile for every different occasion. But the one that jellies the knees is the one when you’ve done something wrong and instead of feeling remorseful, you flash this round-eyed impish smile that’s like “Mommy, I went home at 4 a.m. this morning because I was busy trying to fit three gallons of beer intro my puny stomach tee-hee.”
5. Your megaultrasuperelectromagneticpoplasersword IQ is misplaced. It is often used to wreak havoc on people’s lives. But damn, you understand. As in, UNDERSTAND. It’s like:
You: What’s wrong?
Me: (sulking and refusing to answer)
You: Bad day?
Me: (sulking and refusing to answer)
You: want to eat?
Me: (sulking and refusing to answer)
You: I’ll order quarterpounder or zinger?
Me: (sulking and refusing to answer)
You: Okay, quarterpounder. With Coke light or juice?
Me: (sulking and refusing to answer)
You: Coke light then. Movie tonight or Saguijo?
Me: (sulking and refusing to answer)
You: Okay, Saguijo. What time will we pick you up?
Me: (sulking and refusing to answer)
You: 10 then.
I mean, damn, how’d you do that?
6. You look like Imago’s vocalist. And sing like her too.
7. Wearing bangs makes you jailbait. And reminds people of kimchi
8. In your closet you have a dress that makes you look like A) a girlscout; B) a nurse in a hospital that cannot afford nursing uniforms; and C) a bonsai plant. And another dress that you can’t figure which is the front and which is the back. Which, coupled with bangs, makes you look more kimchi than anything on the menu of an authentic Korean restaurant.
9. *You do the crying for other people because that’s you and that’s how much you care for those you love that you’d rather shed their tears than watch them shed their own*
10.  People will see you as Dianne, the JI girl. Dianne, Jaime’s girl. Dianne, Daddy’s girl. Dianne, mommy2’s second love next to big bro. But when they look? When they stare really hard, they’ll actually see an angel.
As little sisters come and go, you’re one of those who puts sense in a world that’s otherwise chaotic, otherwise messy.
And I’m glad that you’ve got me covered every time my talent for getting into trouble comes to fore.
We’ve had our differences, little sis.  We’ve been through the roughest of times. But at the day’s end, just between sunset and moonrise, we find that time to smile and laugh and remind each other that no matter what happens, we have each other’s backs. Siblings. Bestfriends. Power of Three (with Alexa).

I find no word fit enough to show my gratitude for your friendship.

Sure, we’ll have our disagreements in time. We’ll have those nasty fights when all you can do is look at me helplessly because you know? the alternative would be jabbing a carving knife through my brain and running it downwards until it hits the base of my spine.

But before we reach for hate, always, always, we remember the Titans.




  1. “6. You look like Imago’s vocalist. And sing like her too.”

    Diba dindin ayaw na ayaw mo kay aia? diba? diba? diba? lechonin natin si cois, o tuksuhin kitang aia? hmmm……

    taralets tara tara taralets!!!! =p

  2. awww…ang sweet naman… =)



    although nahulog ako sa upuan katatawa so, sige na nga. you know i love making you laugh at my expense. well, siempre mas okay na at alexa’s expense pero… hahahahaha.

    “None of them particularly well”??!!! yes, that’s me, the dabbler. hahaha. HARUMPH.

    alex: e kung e kung e kung… lechonin ko kayo pareho?

  4. uy nagkasabay kami magcomment ni cy.

    cy: sweet?!? switik kamo! waaah.

    at(!) isa pa, i happen to like those two dresses. another HARUMPH.

  5. Heehee ang cute nyo naman. Hala gusto ko si Aia. Peace pa rin tayo Dindin ha? :D

  6. You know what number 11 should’ve been, Biknoy?

    11. You are psychic. I don’t know how you tapped into that part of your brain but always, as in always? whenever i approach you to borrow money? it never ceases to amaze me that how much i need is exactly how much you have in your wallet. always. like,

    (after my band’s memorable Rizal Memorial gig)
    Me: Din, pautang ng P348.80
    You: Tamang-tama, P348.80 lang laman ng wallet ko

    (just three days ago)
    Me: Biknoy, pahiram naman ng P198.45, kain lang kami ni Faye sa Across the Street
    You: Buti nalang, saktong P198.45 ang laman ng wallet ko

    as in, always.

    and my favorite home conversation of all time?

    You: Mommyyyyy, kinuha na naman ni big bro yung natitirang pera ko sa wallet.
    Mommy2: Yaan mo na, kuya eh.
    Me: Hah! *gloating*

    Lexa: Hmphf. You’re next. :)

  7. rissa: but whyyyyyyyy? pero oo naman bati pa rin tayo.

    big bro: harumph (for the nth time). gaganti ako.

    pero bago ang lahat…

    i wuv you big bro. :-D

  8. wabshoo much more, li’l sis

  9. (namatay sa kakyutan)


    this entry is ♥

    ganti ka dindin. hehehe. hihintayin ko ganti mo. hehehe.

  10. Mahirap na palang i-tag si Cois.

    May sarili siyang patakaran:

    Pag nag-blog-tag, laglag!


  11. hehehe… alam niyo na next time.
    mula ngayon magte-take ako ng special attention to notice 10 things about all of you. sabay blog.

  12. […] February 2003 Ang paghihiganti May 3, 2007, 3:44 pm Filed under: … Sabi ni Kate ganti raw ako so eto ang sagot ko sa laglagang naganap dito. […]

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