Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | June 24, 2007

Teh Grammy’s

(Or, alternatively, as dear Kate loves to say, the art of birthday surprises)

Because it was the baby sister’s birthday celebration, the guys decided to surprise her with a little musical production number.

Turns out, it became one for the Grammy’s.

In fact, if it were the Grammy’s, it would have been difficult to choose the winners. Because personally, as I was going through the pictures at this site, I had a difficult time picking out those who topped what category.

Anyway, everybody still emerged the winner based on the fact that we wanted to surprise someone uber special and we succeeded:


See. If that isn’t a look of surprise then that’s one really very constipated, bipolar little imp.

Still, the nominees per singing category were laid out and the winners were (And it was I-cannot-stress-how-really hard to come up with the winners because every category was a close fight):

Best vocals/Best performance of a Blackbird rendition after a false and off-key start:


Best shut-eyed performance of the song Two of Us with matching blending:


Best breakdance ad-libbed into the song Till There Was You:


Best non-performance of a lead vocal in a Twist and Shout rendition that relied on shuwa girls and audience participation:

 kanta, junjun, kanta

Best performance of a love triangle in a triangle formation: 

papa rhandz and don jaime

Best interpretative performance of the chorus part of From Me To You after getting lost in the earlier verses:

biboy and bibay

Best performance of a Beatles medley by a group that wore costumes:

that 60's look 

Best performance by a rap duo whose biggest contribution to the music world was that they did not rap at all:

bloke-eyed fish
See how difficult it was to choose with such general categories?

Oh, and by the way. A pair of video pirates were nabbed taking illegal shoots of the Grammy’s. It wasn’t clear whether they succeeded in making copies to be sold. But in case they were, remember, piracy is like stealing. Do not buy pirated CDs or DVDs.

The suspects:

scheming siblings 

the sibling conspiracy
And if you have any reason to believe you were victimized by these two, please don’t hesitate to file your complaints at the nearest police station.

Oh, by the way, their accomplice:

 tash tash tash



  1. me suntok e sn kp?? ehehehehe. still using defective keybord, hence missing letters nd punctution mrks, dmnit.

  2. tangina di ko kinaya yung comment ni kate! hahaha

  3. alav yer PUNCTUTION MRKS, K8!!!

    hanep sa mga awards!

  4. tskkkkkkkk!!! pnlo pnlo! Best performnce by rp duo..hhhhhhh *tob*

  5. kte: Hope everythings oky with the keybord n :)

  6. i’m sure this was fun.

    looking at it makes me want to grab my guitar.

    belated happy b-day to the b-day girl too.

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