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Another L’Equipe article

(Lifted this from the paper’s future archives)

France soccer fans threaten revolt; Sarkozy appeals for calm

PARIS—Torches, pitchforks and flaming bottles. Throw in the guillotine.

French citizens from all over the country warned its national futsal squad not to return home for the fourth game of its World Cup series against Brazil after Les Bleus dropped its third straight game against the Selecao in Rio de Janeiro.

“They don’t deserve to be called French,” said a member of the angry crowd. “They should be stripped off their citizenships and be made to live in a deserted island until they come to their senses and figure out how to play.”

France has lost thrice to Brazil, including a 4-2 defeat at home.

French police form a perimeter around a restive crowdFrench police form a perimeter around a restive crowdcrowd forms outside Charles de Gaulle airport
A mob rivaling that which stormed the government during a popular revolution in 1789  brought with them several medieval weapons and carried placards carrying signs that threatened acts of brutality against the French squad whose plane was detoured on the way here from Brazil.

The Air France jet carrying members of the national futsal team made a detour to Switzerland Wednesday, where the team will be held pending the resolution of the looming armed conflict, which has drawn a lot of attention from the national government.

“I am appealing to my countrymen to please stay calm in this moment of dire national crisis,” said French president Nicolas Sarkozy in a television address over all local France channels Friday morning. “Instead of divisiveness, let us all make this a time for healing as we jointly seek answers to the questions everybody wants answers to.”

Unite, pleaseThe French Ministry of Defense has mobilized the army to surround the mob at the Charles de Gaulle International airport while a similar-sized battalion has been tasked to guard the Aeroport de Brest,where a mob has also formed in anticipation of a possible clandestine flight home by the national squad.

“We will apply maximum tolerance in our security measures,” said French defense minister Herve Morin. “We have instructed our generals and our police not to apply any form of force until things get reall out of hand.”

“The goal here is to get the national team back safely and make sure that the series, which France will host next, goes on smoothly,” he added.

In his television address, Sarkozy also appealed to the people to continue supporting the national team, which takes on Brazil for the fourth game of the race-to-16 series at home.

Sarkozy threatened the public that he will order the match transfererred to another country temporarily if tempers do not die down. Sarkozy has also instructed the Ministry of Finance to create an emergency budget in case the team needs to train and play its home games elsewhere.

“Barring any serious fiscal deficits, we have enough allocation of funds for the immediate transfer of the national team’s training and playing venues to neutral countries such as Switzerland or Canada if we have to,” said Finance minister Christine Lagarde.

defenders france(s) and andreazMeanwhile, the French national team holed up at the Hotel Suisse since its arrival from Brazil. Members of the press could not get a hold of any of the members of the team, although a hotel employee speaking on the condition of anonymity said the team spent its time playing a scrimmage game.

The employee said the team seemed to be in high spirits when they converged at a room converted into a makeshift dining area for breakfast early Wednesday morning.

After a few scrimmages and water-training at the cordoned-off hotel pool, the team had lunch and viewed tapes of the past three games before the players hit their respective rooms to rest.

“They did not look worried at all and none of them spoke about the conflict back in France,” said the employee, who added that the team caught a glimpse of what was happening in France through the cable channel.

The members, particularly skipper Zhem Mont Majeur, looked disturbed when the news network showed footages of the mob holding up signs like “Come back and we will gut your intestines!” “You suck, Les Bleus!” and “Off to the guillotine!”

Before leaving Brazil, forward Francois was interviewed by ESPN and he told the sports cable network that “We really believe that we still have it in us to pull through in this series. We were aggressive and we had our chances but we missed the goal sometimes by just inches.”

“But we are starting to come together as a team and hopefully, we will be able to score a breakthrough win and get our bid going smoothly.”                                                        AP



  1. waaah di ako makakalaro bukas ='(

  2. kasama na si president sarkozy ahahahaha

  3. eto na si president sarkozy! you rock. tangena wag mo kaming iiwan para sa wires ha.

  4. may mga reports, unconfirmed, na tinawagan daw ni president sarkozy ang team para sa isang pep talk. ewan ko kung totoo.


    i hate everything brazilian. except havaianas.

  5. pati yung wax??? errr let’s not go there. ahahahhahaa

  6. hayuf, the grammy’s and world cup na pala ang abot ng lipad mo, superman! *salute*

  7. wax?!?!!

    Tel: Naku, kung saan saan na napupunta ang mga taga smallville :)

  8. didn’t realize na ganito ka grabe ang rivalry ng france and brazil pa ti sa futsal. If it wasn’t for the note sa taas ng story, culled from the wires na talaga ang story. Galing!

  9. cedelf! oo ganun talaga. punong puno na ng trash-talking at evil stares ang office. hehehehehehehe.

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