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Britney, meet Keira

In a recent interview by a news agency, Mickey-Mouse-talent-turned-singing-bad-girl Britney Spears, apparently pricked by an interview Keira Knightley gave out on a talk show, got back at the British actress by asking, quite sarcastically, “Keira, who?”

Well, I thought I’d introduce the two.

Keira meet Britney.

The former Mickey Mouse Club talent shot to fame in the 90’s when, dressed in a Japanese-student-inspired outfit, she revived Lolita sexual fantasies and turned butt-slapping into a popular means of foreplay.

She then hooked up with Justin Timberlake and then, when that ended, made a talent-deprived back-up-dancer-nobody into a notoriously famous personality.

After which, said union with dancer ended up where everyone predicted it would—littered among the rocks with two unfortunate children as residue—and she ended up hooking up with, of all people, Paris Hilton.

There Keira, the highlights of Britney’s life so far.

Oh yes, there was that private-part-flashing incident where you referred to her as a slut. The one that got under her skin and made her go “Who’s Keira Knightley?” in a television interview.

And rehabs. Lots of rehabs. Some for anger management.

Now, Britney. Meet Keira.

To quote the internet movie data base, Keira Christina Knightley was born in the South London suburb of Richmond on March 26th 1985. She is the daughter of actor Will Knightley and actress turned playwright Sharman Macdonald. An older brother, Caleb, was born in 1979.  Brought up immersed in the acting profession from both sides – writing and performing – it is little wonder that the young Keira asked for her own agent at the age of three. She was granted one at the age of six and performed in her first TV role as Little Girl in “Screen One: Royal Celebration (1993),” aged seven.

Her star rose in 2002 when she was picked to play the plum role of Larisa Feodorovna Guishar in the made-for-TV miniseries Dr. Zhivago in 2002. Since then, she was on a roll. She was part of an all-star ensemble that made up the movie Love, Actually.

She was picked to play Elizabeth Swann in the successful Disney franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, which lasted three installments (so far). A stint opposite Clive Owen in the movie Arthur cemented her as a popular choice for action adventure movies. But she broke stereotype when she starred in the movie Pride and Prejudice as Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Bennet.

It was her role as Miss Bennet that earned her an Oscar nomination in 2006 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

Yup, Britney. An Oscar. The only time in your life you’re probably going to get nominated for one is if you earn to act like a decent human being.

The IMDB lists her as having 13 awards and 25 nominations in all, including three in the MTV awards. Technically, your turf.


And here’s a bit of trivia, Brit: She appeared in one of the installments of the Star Wars trilogy, the prequels (first to name episode and what Keira’s role was gets a prize).

According to the IMDB, she has two movies coming up this year: Silk and Atonement. Next year, she is set to star in two more films, too—The Duchess and The Edge of Love. But really now, to say she’s probably using you for publicity is kind of a stretch, doncha think?

Even for an alcohol-and-God-knows-what-else-flogged brain like yours.

Oh. Then again, publicity for you is getting caught by the paparazzi with your panties down. Yeah, Keira sorely lacks that. But don’t think it’s by circumstance than it is by choice.

So next time you go, “Keira who?” Brit, try and go look at yourself and ponder this question: Do people really know you the way you want them to?

Yeah. I guess it’s not too late to mention that Keira Knightley happens to be one of my favorite female actors. Or didn’t you notice?




  1. okay too much keira goodness. too much.

    the girl is younger than i am. good lord.

  2. Nice, nice, nice! Mahal ko din itong babae na ‘to. At lalo ko pa siyang minamahal kapag nagsasalita na siya ng kanyang oh-so-delicious English accent. Well, you have to understand why Britney reacted that way. Di ba pag tinawag ng bading ang kapwa bading ng bading, okay lang kasi bading naman sila pareho? Pero kapag tinawag ng full-blooded guy ang bading ng bading, nakakainsulto yun. I’m sure Paris and Britney call each other sluts. But when a nice gal such as Keira called Britney a slut, nagpanting ang tenga niya, hahaha! Hala, Keira fans club in full force, hehe.

  3. I support your post. Wala ng career si Britney. (See latest MTV VMA story). I love Kiera. Aside from the movies you mentioned, she was also captivating in “love actually”, one of my favorite movies. In this movie, she plays a girl who marries a black guy, whose bestfriend is secretly in love with her.

    Kiera manages to find out when she sees the wedding video taken by the bestfriend. The close-up shots were unbelievable. Parang anghel si Kiera and Britney should have seen it. Ibang level.

  4. Ger: Eh panting rin tenga ko nung nabasa ko na nagsabi si Britney ng Keira who? The nerve. Hehehehehe. Eto na ang simula ng KK fan club. Wahahahahaha!

    Delf: Actually, I mentioned Love, Actually. :) Prize still up to the first one who can come up with KK’s role in Star Wars. hehehehehe

  5. Star Wars Trivia: Keira appeared in Episode I as Padme and also as Princess Amidala’s double. Hehehe.

  6. Damn, naunahan ako! Tsk. Ano ba prize?

    I like Keira, too, except for that pic where she almost looked like an anorexic (‘yung naka-gold dress?).

  7. oi nakalimutan mo yung 55-hour marriage ni britney. highlight din yun no. haha. dati gusto ko si britney. pero syempre ngayon di na.

    i like keira, pero mas gusto ko pa rin si natalie portman. at shempre ang aking forever girl crush na si scarlett johansson. nakita mo na ba yung vanity fair cover featuring a nude scarlett and keira with tom ford? here you go

  8. Rissa: yep. saw that. may blog nga about that cover eh tas sabi niya featuring scarlett, keria and some guy daw. tas yung mga comments, may nagtanong: where’s the guy? dya see a guy? tas biglang may yup, i see the guy ‘keanu reeves’. tas meron din, where’s the damn guy — tom cruise. hehehe. kalimutan ko na yung blog eh

  9. Check this out. Stop picking on Britney. (NOT! Hehehe)

  10. Starwars Episode One, The Phantom Menace. Keira appeared as Padme and Princess Amidala’s double. Do I get a prize? Lol.

    Keira Knightley is drop-dead gorgeous. I love her in every movie she’s made and she can’t take a bad picture. Brittany needs to clean up her ask and learn from someone like Keira, who has actually NEVER been seen stumbling out of cars half-naked and drunk!

  11. that’s right, tell em! keira knightley is a million times what britney could ever hope to be. i have a huge girl crush on keira too\

    oh and somebody might have already said this but keira was the decoy queen in start wars episode 1: the phantom menace. not many people know because natalie portman was said to have played both parts. and when the two were wearing makeup, their own mothers couldn’t tell them apart!

  12. Lynn: Hahahaha! The prize, too bad, was long overdue. Hehehehehe. But right. Keira can’t take a bad picture. Thanks for dropping by

    Tori: Believe me. I’ve been a long-time fan of Keira–loved her in Atonement–but I, too, can’t tell her and Natalie Portman apart sometimes. Even minus the make-up. Thanks for the visit! :D

  13. Keira Knightley is stunning. Britney should not be calling another actress a slut considering Keira is more successfull and much more goregeous. (as you can tell I am a fan of Keira). So Britney should keep her mouth shut until she makes 11 movies and is as beautiful as Keira.

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