Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 25, 2007

Oh, by the way

“People only conserve toilet paper when they reach the end of the roll.”

I read that somewhere. I forgot where.

But I remembered the quote because two days ago, a holiday passed by without anyone noticing. I mean, most of all, I should have noticed.

But hey, what’s three days late among bloggers?

Strange. But when I remembered the holiday, that quote was the first that crossed my mind. Perhaps it is because the circumstances surrounding last year’s celebration of the holiday (the inaugural holiday actually) were far different from today.

Last year, I started the piece about the new holiday on a more serious quote.

This year, when things are a lot happier, life is a lot easier and getting up in the morning is only a chore because you want to prolong your sleep and chase the previous night’s wonderful dreams after being interrupted by the burst of a cellphone alarm clock, I am starting this piece on a quote about toilet paper.

Not to belittle toilet paper.

I mean, toilet paper must be something special when a well-respected writer tells you during creative writing workshop that “I won’t use your (that being mine) work even for toilet paper.”

I’d really like to think that it’s because that critic had a high regard for toilet paper.

And, hey. The toilet paper quote has a ring of seriousness to it. Read it more carefully and you’ll realize that at one point of our life, the only time we really conserved toilet paper was when we reached the end of the roll.

Otherwise, we just tug wantonly at it, releasing squares upon attached squares of what was formerly an oxygen-expelling tree and wastefully use it for, well, you know what you use it for. I say you because I’m generally a water guy and yes, that is oversharing, I’m sorry but really, I was just about to start on where I was and what I was doing while contemplating this piece. Clue: Toilet paper *evil, nasty grin*.

But then, thinking about it, we all have toilet paper moments in our life: Affairs where we let days pass by carelessly and realize that ohmygod we might have reached the end of it. Friendships where we exhaust the other’s patience until we realize that there’s not a drop left anymore. Talent that we allow to dry up idly until we realize that every time we reach for it because we do need it, there’s nothing left to fetch anymore.

So, you know, here’s to making the most out of life. That’s the core principle behind every celebration of this holiday, one that is celebrated every 23rd of September.

To the people who have learned to trust again, here’s to making the most out of your renewed acquaintance with your faith in humanity. Learn to keep that faith, even when a few challenges here and there tempt you to abandon it. Trust is the basis of love.

Loving without trusting is like lugging a spanking new Macbook without any software installed. People will go on thinking you must be pretty cool but you know it’s all for show.

To the people who’re starting out a new relationship, here’s to measuring your days with moments, not monthsaries. That’s how I count my age. Not through years. And believe me, it works wonders.

Instead of marking the first month, the second month, the first year, the first decade; celebrate instead the first kiss, the second dinner date, the third movie, the fourth trip to the beach, the fifth time you inadvertently wore the same shirt color. When you grow *clears throat* old, these are the celebrations that will be more meaningful.

To the people starting out a new career, max out your potential right on your first day, first hour or first second of your job. You’ll be surprised to find how much more you have inside you just when you think you’ve exhausted your capabilities.

Or, you know what? To people like me who wake up every morning and realize that every day is a journey waiting to be undertaken, make that first step with conviction and the optimism that everywhere in life lies a promise of a miracle—as long as we learn to appreciate the little ones that happen every waking moment.

Find your miracle. Make your life count. Hitch was right when he said life is not about how many breaths you take. It’s about the moments that take your breath away. Don’t just breathe. Live.

Simply put, make the most out of every square in a toilet paper roll.

To all of you, and I say this with the deepest regret having greeted you three days late:

Happy Rest-of-your-life. *smile*



  1. happy rest of our lives cois. :)

  2. hmmm interesting analogy…

    now every comfort room moment will be a philosophical experience ;)

  3. Kate: ! (you know what I mean. Yititititteeeee)

    Cyberpunk: Now that you mentioned it, I just realized something. The comfort room, after all, is the only place that, no matter what you do inside it, you always leave a lesser person than when you entered it.

    Can I link you up? I do have to know your sometimes-mistaken-for-a-boy-in-a-fairytale name if you permit me and I point you to my blogroll for the reason. :)

  4. hahaha lesser person eh? i hope you don’t become “half the man you used to be” :P

    ok, i’ll link you up as well :)

    the name’s hazel btw…but i’ll really appreciate it if you just put “haz” and not “hazel” hehe

  5. Cyberpunk: I could tell you by how less, except that it would be oversharing. Suffice it to say that “half the man” wings at it pretty close. :D

  6. Happy Rest Of Your Life, big bro. *hug* :-D

  7. Happy Rest Of Your Life, li’l sis! :D I have a good feeling about this one :)

  8. yeah. me too. =) really really. =)

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