Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 28, 2007

Chiz Escudero, for the win

So far–

Senators; businessmen; local government officials; chairs of the Senate committees on Trade, Finance and Blue Ribbon; cabinet secretaries, assistant secretaries and undersecretaries from the departments of Trade, Budget, Transportation and Communications and Finance; ex-government officials; chairs and ex-chairs of the Neda and Comelec; members of the academe;  presidential lawyers; members of the business community; members of the Chinese community; journalists

–have talked about–

Executive agreements, broadband projects, constitutional violations, sovereign loans, build-operate-transfer schemes, kickbacks, bribes, legislation-mandated projects, brandishments of easy credit, rate of returns, fiber optic backbones, digital superhighways, voice operated internet protocols, SIPs, access chargings, emaciated and deprived bureaucracies, efficient bureaucracies, partisan politics, project developments, debt burdens, fiscal deficits, corruption indices, supply contracts, reconstituted contracts, feasibility studies, lack of transparency’s, procurement and anti-graft acts, ZTEs, AHIs, First Gentlemen, project designs, impeachment proceedings, graft charges, racist remarks, House coalitions, China trips, sexual escapades, golf games, clandestine meetings

–and yet, the only one who seems to get the whole point here is Sen. Chiz Escudero.

Summing up his allotted time for questioning, Escudero issued a statement in plain language–and devoid of technical terms that serves only to confuse the public–that best nut-shells the ongoing probe on the national broadband network.

A statement lost in the accusations, innuendos, denials and revelations.

A statement that serves as an indictment of our sociopolitical system.

“Three of you have spoken under oath. Three of you have given contrasting testimonies. One of you is telling a lie.”*

Simple. Direct. And downright scarier than bribery stories and death threats.

I didn’t mind when it was a your-word-against-mine war between Comelec chief Benjamin Abalos and AHI head Joey de Venecia the III. After all, there was still this slim, chance for a Philippines-beats-in-Olympic-basketball miracle that it was Abalos telling the truth.

But when former planning secretary and current higher education chair Romulo Neri joined the fray, that’s when all hope fell apart.

Because Abalos and Neri are not just both government people. Abalos and Neri are both the President’s men. Abalos and Neri both speak the President’s mind. Abalos and Neri both swore to tell the WHOLE truth and nothing but. One of them is lying.

Our President, people, is LYING to us. Straight in our faces. In front of national television. With eyeballs tilting neither right nor left to give us a clue, at least, that a fabrication is being spun.

Our government, our President. The one we begrudgingly surrender our hard-earned money to so they will perform their duties and SERVE us. Our government, our President, cannot do a simple thing as tell the truth.

Repeat that to yourself before you go to sleep at night. Maybe it will rouse whatever drop of patriotism is left in you. Because now, you have absolute and irrefutable proof that the President, through her men, is lying to you.

Courtesy of Chiz Escudero, who Never. Misses. The. Point.



  1. this is why i love the guy (oo close kami walang aangal)

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