Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | October 5, 2007

Another Smallville holiday (Happy Let’s-Be-Friends Day)

Say what you want about the dark.

It carries with it an air of romance, a hint of mystery. Endless yarns have been spun out of its felt-black walls, creatures have been born from its deepest bowels. To the desperate, the dark represents an atmosphere conducive for masquerades. To those in pain, darkness mutes the anguished screams.

In the dark, they say, it is easy to pretend.

Say what you want about the dark. But let me say this: It is not a good place to be.

Unless, of course, you have someone else to be there with.

You fumble there, tripping on loose stones strewn along the way by those who loitered under the false comfort of its embrace.

In the end, you strike up an uncomfortable friendship with darkness. It shelters you from the world not with strong arms to shield you from the blows, but with a little misdirection. By fooling your problems into believing that you’re not here, but tucked somewhere safe.

But when you let the light in, what then? What happens when you open your eyes and the reality of the world settles on your back like a cross, what then? You turn to the comfortable embrace of friendships.

Say what you want about friendships.

It is the consolation prize offered by someone passionately loved but cannot love you back as ardently. It is the repository of broken dreams. It is the spare change in one’s pocket, that extra hour unscheduled for the day. It is the hidden side street on a dead-end road; that extra slice of chocolate cake carefully tucked inside an oven by a mother who knows you will be coming home an hour past the end of the party. It is the brusque conscience that speaks the truth callously, assured in the knowledge that it is the truth.

In friendships, they say, it is not easy to pretend.

Say what you want about friendships. But let me say this: You cannot find a better place to be.

Even romantic relationships have an element of friendship in them: That unprovoked smile, that straight-out-of-leftfield joke, the mindless chatter, the ability to sit and watch time float by doing nothing.

They say the only thing that hurts as much as being part of a relationship that ends is bearing witness to a friendship that does the same.

Where else can we bravely roll up our sleeves and challenge the world to a fistfight than right there, in the middle of friends who have your back every single time? Where else can we sing at the top of our lungs than in the middle of friends who care not if the world thinks your screws have finally come unhinged?

I’ve watched people give up on friendship, mostly because the gaps that strained the ties that bind have widened beyond bridging. They have morphed from a mere obstacle into a huge chasm.

But what are spaces really, if not places we refuse fill?

We feed friendships with our hearts and we slay it in our minds. Say what you want about the tools that drive a wedge between friends: Pride, anger, indifference. But let me say this: It is the mind that drives friends away. It is the mind that chooses to bury friendships, right there in the graveyard of ugly memories.

It is not really because the mind no longer comprehends the meaning of friendship. It is because the mind has no concept of time. It, ironically but aptly, doesn’t recognize it’s-too-late until, well, it’s too late.

The mind can will a friendship to life.

But mostly, the mind chooses the other way around. Maybe because it hauls its courage from a chest of other friends; other friendships. Maybe it is because it is stubborn like that. But one way or another, the mind will realize it has reached it’s-too-late.

Because that day will come when darkness will fall on the mind. When the once-fiery neurons in the brain start to fizzle out at the cold touch of dark fingers.

And just before the darkness swallows all of memory, the last thing the mind will hear echoing in its collapsing corridors is the sound of a thousand distant laughters of old friendships long buried.

(p.s… because I’m so fond of creating holidays, henceforth, in Smallville, today is Let’s-Be-Friends Day. Happy Let’s-Be-Friends everyone!)

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  1. this (points to the second posted photo) makes me miss the wasakrew. ito pa naman initiation ko sa wasak. *sniffs*

    wasakrew, reunion tayo? nakaka-miss yung “i’ve never been …” eh! ;p

  2. naiyak naman ako sa huling photo.

    uy seryoso yang comment na yan.

    comment na lang ako ulit pagtahan ko ha.

  3. miss ko na rin ang wasakrew.

    “the last thing the mind will hear echoing in its collapsing corridors is the sound of a thousand distant laughters of old friendships long buried.”


  4. Kate: Tahan na :)
    Bibay, Panganay: Wasakan na kase! The whole group!

  5. naaalala ko yang last photo na yan parang ang caption dapat, “Wala nang yosi, wala nang beer. Pakamatay na lang tayo.” hahaha.


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