Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | December 4, 2007

Just when I thought I rocked

Don’t you just hate it when in a mixture of insobriety and extreme heat stroke you end up doing something stupid which, when reminisced during more sober and tropically cooler moments, makes you want to wedge your head underneath the front wheels of a Boeing 747?

Like, for instance, stripping to the waist to flaunt off a blob-like body that could send a five-year-old kid to therapy for the next 20 years of his life, burying yourself in the dark, sun-burnt sands of a La Union coastline, allowing equally drunken and insane-from-all-that-heat friends to carve a fishtail from a hippo-sized butt downwards, and then singing, at the top of your voice, an off-key, baritone, alcohol-laced version of Ariel’s Part Of Your World ditty from The Little Mermaid?

With several cameras clicking away to blow deniability to kingdom come?

Don’t you? Don’t you?

And then at night, when you reassure yourself that all’s right with the world because at least you scored points on the comedy scale and that your inner sadomasochistic self thrives at the thrill of being a party punchline and that at least in that manner you still can consider yourself the king of the world, YOU FUCKING RUN INTO THIS through someone else’s blog:

Yes. To reaarange a line from, his testicles were pinched a whole lot harder than mine were.




    *dabogs, iyaks, walks out*

    talo tayong lahat dito. wala na. panis ang singing career mo. laos yung la union stint mo men.

  2. this wins big time pero wala hindi pa rin siya kasing daring mo hahaha! *apir*

  3. Naknang!!!

    Ano ba to, babaeng nagpa-sex change???

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