Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | December 23, 2007

I love my job so much, I’m losing hair over it

As a Christmas present, the UP Cum Laude decided to gift me with one of her patented “services.”

 Of the cleaning variety, that is. She brought an encyclopedia-thick stack of napkins and industrial-grade antiseptic to my work station to give a long-overdue scrubbing to a Smokey Mountain miniature otherwise known within office premises as my desk.

 Except for the now-and-then cough-sneeze routine every time a billow of dust exploded from previously unexplored nooks on my desk and the occasional horrific gasps at the sight of fossilized remnants of food from yesteryears embedded on thick grime, she had little comment (a surprise for someone who OCs on cleanliness).

 That was until she cleaned my keyboard and tapped it against my desk to coax out whatever particles were stashed inside its tiny spaces. Although she did not react to more food remains and dust balls that showered down to my desk, she raised an eyebrow once several hair strands started falling off my keyboard.


 She paused for a moment before a plastering a knowing smile on her face.

 “Oh I get it,” she said. “This way, when your boss comments that you don’t work as hard as you should and that when you’re furiously typing on your keyboard, you’re most likely writing a blog entry and not closing the sports page, you can feign a look of surprise and do this:

 She taps the keyboard against the desk, wears an incredulous look on her face, and points to the strands of hair still falling from the spaces between keys and shrieks: “Not serious?! Not working hard enough!? Look!!!


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