Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | December 29, 2007


I am about to hammer out my New Year piece.

But this one first: I can’t believe I missed this.

Apparently, Michael Schumacher, considered as the greatest race driver in the world, and maybe in our solar system, was on his way to an airport and hailed a cab to get there.

Then, then, then, the cab was moving too slow for Schumacher’s pace (the guy, after all, is used to breaking the 200-km mark on the speedometer. While negotiating tight, hairpin curves) so he did the unthinkable: He actually asked the driver if he could take over the wheel.

Veiberhuftsen! (That’s not a German word. Don’t look it up)

Naturally, the driver said yes. Who wouldn’t?

 I mean, if this guy:

…asked you to please slide over to the passenger side so I can show you how to drive, and overtake, in crowded streets as if I were still slapping Fernando Alonso’s butt like he were a rented mule (Whoa! easy Alonso fans. Yeah, Schumi lost to Ferdie. Twice. I just hate the guy after the Lewis Hamilton brouhaha, that’s all), what would you do?


That was exactly what the cab driver did. And boy, did he get the ride of his life.

Cool. (Pwned?)

And to think that the closest I got to a professional racer was this:

AF3 driver, fhm babe and pbb housemate gaby dela merced plus fandork

No. You know what, no. I didn’t get the ride of my life.

Not that I’m complaining. After all, I am having the ride of my life already. Hehehehe.



  1. thanks for the free ad, biboy. pwede na kong mag-change ng career.

    pero bago ang lahat, may i sapak you? hmpf!

  2. *ouchs*
    love you, bibay

  3. haha. maiinggit ka kay unggoy. teammate niya yan dati sa flag football, at nagdedemo raw ng play sa chest niya.

  4. cy: si schumacher!?!
    hahaha. joke.
    happy new year!

  5. happy new year! :)

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