Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 4, 2008

Give them their day in (on a) court

I was supposed to dissect the result of the Iowa primary, where Obama got the better of Hillary (yes, we’re on first name basis),  and the repercussions the caucus will have on the US presidential race and eventually the Philippine political landscape.

I swear.

It’s just that I got sidetracked by a much more urgent cause.

One about an unfairly maligned, deprived group that needs help from anybody who can provide it. (insert dramatic television help program score here)

Here goes:

The finest collection of futsal players in the country have just been evicted from their playing court and no sports agency in the Philippines has come forward to try and save these players.

Considered a gold medal threat in the 2012 Olympics, these players need to play regularly or they may lose the form that has made them the most feared side in the Southeast Asian region.

penalty kick, score tied, 60,000 fans cheering

I kid you not. Okay maybe I do. Slightly.

Here’s the real story: The country’s top media-related futsal players have been tossed off their usual Libis haunt recently and need to transplant their regular dose of football bloodshed somewhere, else they try get their kicks—pardon the pun—by punching a random officemate’s nose soon.

unleash your inner spartan

The reasons why they were expelled were ridiculous. They play beyond the allowable time preset by the court owners. For chrissakes, they’re from the newspaper industry, there is not other time. They scream their throats hoarse, muttering cusswords in five different dialects and three languages, including Latin, scaring away other club habitués. Like I said, they’re from the newspaper industry. How the hell do you think they should act?

And substitutes pass their time waiting to play by smoking weed. Again. Newspaper industry.

stoned, all of 'em

So there.

They need another venue. First to hook these bunch up with a venue open from 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. gets a free pass to the group’s annual Halloween sexfest (a must-participate experience, I swear).

They’re not too superstarry to demand that the court be air-conditioned or the lockers be equipped with spa-like amenities. Although bonus points go to the referrer who does find such a venue.

Heck. They’d even settle for a vacant and enclosed basketball (wooden) court with driving cones or rugby-stoned street urchins as makeshift goal posts.

They just want a cozy, private place where they can play futsal.

And maybe have wild, passionate sex afterwards.



  1. They just want a cozy, private place where they can play futsal.

    And maybe have wild, passionate sex afterwards.

    okay have i been missing a lot of these sessions or what?

    hahahaha. miss ko na futsal. at panalong rissa photo. hahahahahahha :D

  2. ok I knew you needed an ADIK photo for blogging purposes BUT WHY ME?


    I expect compensation for this.


    although, hmp, sige na nga — mukhang adik naman talaga eh. haha

  3. kailangan kong takpan ang photo ni rissa habang binabasa to dahil nawawala ang aking concentration. wahahaha! =))

  4. kate: you mean you didn’t know? *gasp*
    rissa: di bale, may royalties ka naman dito, pwamis.
    bibayko: napansin ko nga. hahahahaha!


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