Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 16, 2008

Eraptions at the Inquirer

I had a first in my career today.

For the first time, I’m coming out on the Inquirer front page with an article several time zones away from my area of expertise.

I’ve had my share of front page experiences before. But it mostly came from covering two Manny Pacquiao fights, including the one against Erik Morales in Vegas, and one story about a cancer survivor who won a rowing tournament abroad.

This one, though, is different.

recognize the blurred figures? 

Yup, Joseph Ejercito Estrada, Erap to his minions, visited the Inquirer office Tuesday night. And out of curiosity, I sat down with him as he dined with the paper’s editors.

And while I was at it, I started taking notes.

And before I knew it, I had a story in mind.

with erap, mayor jojo binay john nery, newsstand to bloggers

This was, after all, a former president convicted of plunder and then pardoned with such swiftness, it narrowly lost to the pace by which the Arroyo credibility dropped.

At first, I was content watching him eat. He lined up the buffet table along with us mere mortals and picked his serving of pescado medralino, roast beef, pilaff rice and mixed veggies. On a smaller plate, he fished in desserts–proscuitto with melon and angulas. Someone later served him three shotglasses full of grand marnier pate.

Okay, I don’t recognize anything save for roast beef. But the dishes for the evening were tagged. I merely copied their names.

He started cracking jokes, Erap style, and bared his plans for 2010.

And it was somewhere in the middle of going through the names of possible candidates the opposition could field that I had to break to him the bad news.

I am running for president in 2010 and I already have three supporters.

He didn’t take the news well.

wadahell's so funny?

Oh well, at least I got my front page cameo appearance and that’s all that matters. And besides, he was a fun interview, jabbing verbally at opponents and really showing that he was out to smoke the peace pipe with the one paper he nearly bled dry via an ad boycott in 1999 for the simple reason that it was critical to him.

And it looks like that bad blood is over.

Between Erap and me, however, it has just began. The war in 2010 will be fought, and we will fight it the best we can.

And just a little past the stroke of midnight, he accepted the challenge with a show of bravado, recalling how, when he run in 1998, a prominent businessman wrote him a check for P3 million in campaign contribution.

“I returned the money with a little message. I told my people to tell [name of prominent businessman] thank you, but I’m running for president, not barangay captain,” Erap said.

It did not fluster me.

And before he left, he called me again for a little show of sportsmanship.

may the best man win

2010, here we come.



  1. yeah, baby! lets get it on…

  2. puchaaaaa inggit ako ba’t kami walang pichur? booooo. anyways, you know i’m with you all the way. ochoa sa 2010!

    ps. tingnan mo ang sama ng tingin ni erap sayo o. i say, GAME ON.

  3. Gaaah. Seeing corruption face to face.

    Boo!!! You corrupt useless ex-president!!!

  4. for da winz, coiz, hahaha! coiz for purrrziduhnt! :D

    kilala ko yung pen and notebook na gamit mo sa first photo! may kasama rin yang cute triangle-shaped highlighters which comes in four happy neon colors, di ba? don’t you just love our school? :D

  5. WE ARE SO ON. you hear that? WE ARE SO. ON.


  6. kate, cedelf, rissa: yeboi! we’re on. we shall wreak havoc on them stoopid pol’ticians! arr!

    tere: yeah, the pyramid that says: unending grace. onward, 2010!

    Nie: Wehehehehe. that’s why i’m so gonna whip his ass come election time

  7. oh, and by the way tewe… ngayon ko lang nalaman na highlighters pala sha! ahahahahaha!


  8. huweee, the great pyramid of highlighters hahaha! si kate ang nakadiskubre na highlighters pala siya. sabay hugot lang sa mga bilog bilog at shenenenen highlighters ngaaaa. parang excalibur moment siya, i swear. hahaha.

    imbued with unending grace! onwards 2011. :)

  9. haha i can feel the sweet smell of triumph … ochoa 2010, ust 2011! AHOO!

  10. errr … feel the what? haha basta yun yon

  11. big bro, wala ka nang leeg. lalo na sa first photo.

  12. oo nga. time to dab a little fertilizer made of horseshit and grow a new one. hehehehehe

  13. wow! kamukha mo na si erap! bigote and all (aside from the obvious, of course) hehe! musta na? i should read what you wrote about him. i’m hoping it’s as funny as this entry! way to go! idol ka talaga! miss you!

  14. ayus, ahaha. may pichur rin kame. i’m transffering to multiply. kindly update the link fochoa. btw, hinanap ka ni lourd sakin ng isang gig. sabi ko nasa gf ka. sabi nya: “sabi ko na nga ba.” bitter? ahahaha. mishu.

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