Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 18, 2008

Fischer, 64

It is fitting that in the end, Bobby Fischer, who frequented the Philippines a lot and chose to broadcast some of his sharpest anti-American barbs over Filipino radio stations, died at the age of 64.

As fate would have it, in the end, the guy who loosened the iron Soviet grip on chess lived one year for every square on a chess board.

Fitting, because he lived his life like a game of chess.


His radical views, his tirades against the US (he once aired his glee on the Sept. 11 attacks over a Filipino radio station), were as sharp as an all-powerful chess queen cutting through the board with potent efficiency.

And yet, he was a chess king. Secluded. Hidden behind the veil of self-imposed invisibility.

Some say he was paranoid.

After beating Boris Spassky in the world championship of chess in 1972, he ended a Soviet rule that lasted four decades, becoming the first–and until now the only–American chess champion of the world.

Yet, he never felt honored. Instead, he accused America of hunting him, of wanting to put him behind bars.  He defied intertnational sanctions in 1992 and played in Yugoslavia. He even mocked the US saying he wouldn’t pay a single cent of tax from his $3-million purse. He strongly believed in  a US-headed conspiracy to lock him up behind bars.

But what is chess without a dose of paranoia?

Isn’t paranoia the prodding spirit behind the rule that allows castling–a defensive move often maneuvered into before the opponent has marched pieces into threatening position?

In less than two months time, Bobby Fischer would’ve turned 65.

That he gave in before that happened sums up how much of his life was a chess game. He lived one chess square at a time. Until he finally run out of squares to live by.

 (ps… Allow me to do my share of public service. Please find time to direct your browsers to this site. Click on this. If you have any information, please, please, don’t hesitate to call. Family and concerned friends are so worried.)


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