Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 20, 2008

Maybe we can stir ourselves into making a difference

I do not know when it was in my life that I came across the excerpts of this speech. I can honestly tell you it was beyond the lines of academic necessities.

I do remember it was while reading idly that I ran into the words a great man had wanted to speak upon his arrival to the country he had hoped to free from oppression and tyranny.

Except that he was forever silenced upon his return.

Still, his words echo into today, louder even, because the tyranny, the wanton disregard of the rights and freedom continues until today–long after we had thought that such tyranny had already been buried beneath the swell of support for the unparalleled popular people uprising that supposedly restored our democracy.

“There can be no deal with a Dictator. No compromise with Dictatorship,” he had planned to say then.

Listen to him now.

For make no doubt about it, we are dealing with a dictator. We are dealing with a dictatorship, one insidious in its villainy–and even then, one that does not do a good job of veiling the callous way by which it rips our very birthright to shreds.

Indeed, he died way before he should have.

The one part of his speech that grabbed me then and continues to disturb my thoughts now is the one where he quotes Gandhi: “[T]he WILLING sacrifice of the innocent is the most powerful answer to insolent tyranny that has yet been conceived by God and man.”

(Capitalization was his)

He willingly sacrificed himself. But it makes me wonder: Had he known then what we all know now, would he have saved that sacrifice to fight off this latest threat to our country?

After all, the leaders have changed and the way of life has been transformed. Tyranny has put on a new face and developed new methods of corruption; of oppression. But one thing remains the same: The Filipino is, as he declared then, worth dying for.

Will always be.


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