Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | February 9, 2008

Another candidate meets her match

First Erap.

Now Loren.

Except this time–having come from the annual sports staff meeting where we, among others, drank beer, told silly jokes, ate grilled seafoods, caught up on the latest gossip in the sports scene and, oh yes, mapped out the direction of the sports page for the year–I came in late.

So unlike Erap, there was no time for an interview and an attempt to worm into Page One again.

So because I could not write a story, I took pictures.

Loren in da house

Using a borrowed, high-tech, lemme-do-the-work-for-you camera, I tiptoed into the conference room where she was answering questions from four no-nonsense reporters. Actually, I wasn’t really as interested as I was with Erap.

After all, Loren hadn’t tried to bleed the Inquirer dry before. So there was no curiousity as far as where she was drawing her temerity to show her face at the office was concerned.

I was just told that they were serving really good Japanese food inside the conference room.

My attempts at clandestinely collecting food using the camera as props were later ripped apart when somebody decided to make introductions.

“Loren, this is our assistant sports editor by the way.”

Not contented: “He actually did a story on Erap when Erap came here.”

Loren: O, Francis, bakit si Erap, interview and story ako kukunan mo  lang.

Me (thinking): Actually ma’am, I was just going to snatch a few edible goodies and get the hell outta here. (out loud):  Hehehe. Smile po, click.

Of course, I had to tell her the same thing I told Erap. That her presidential ambitions for the year 2010 will have to run through me. And while Erap laughed…

I think that qualifies as hyperventilatingly panicking.

Loren: You’re running? On what platform?!?!

Me: mumblemumblemumblemumbleetcetcetc…

I think that qualifies as okayenoughyou’relullabyingmealready.

Anyway, she was game enough to pose with the future First Couple.

(l to r: future first lady, future electoral protest filer, future president)  


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