Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | February 22, 2008

Someone’s still breathing

Okay, okay, so I’ve been mighty delinquent in upadting this month but who the fuck cares?

No one’s paying me to keep this blog and even if i’d pimp this to advertisers, they’d prolly treat this like a herpes-infested whore.

But… I’m alive so let’s get this one on.

To start off the reigniting of mental activity, here’s an update on the attempt to watch a hundred movies in one year. After the initial 13 that the UP Cum Laude and I frantically caught, we managed to chase down four more after performing our designated duties for the nation’s number one paper.

That means it’s capsule review time: [Movie (No. of Stars)–capsule review]

1. Juno (5)–A refreshing, indie-type story that was heart-warming and funny at the right parts. Too bad, though, it’s not going to win any major Oscar trophy (film, director, performers) because Little Miss Sunshine, that other indie-type film that was heart-warming and funny at the right parts, too, beat Juno to the punch. But really, an enjoyable treat.

2. Endo (3.5)–A fresh departure from your regular cinematic fare, everything’s light-hearted and witty. And, and and… Filipino actors can act! Too bad a few of the visual metaphors (the dad’s refusal to leave the domestic premises until the end and the male protagonist’s penchant for holding on to borrowed items from ex-flames before returning them) were sometimes more distracting than helpful. We do get the temporal message, thanks.

3. Jumper (1.5)–The only way to enjoy this movie is to enter the moviehouse without expectations. Great trailer and all, you know that somewhere (in this case, four minutes into the film), the movie would spiral downward until it hits an ending you could have easily predicted.

4. The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2.5)–You know how some grunge/punk hits open up with mournfully melodious plucking, card-deal bass riffs and drum beats somewhere in the middle, whale away with howling, caterwauling effects toward the end and then suddenly fade out just as you were about to enjoy the song? Well, this was kinda like it. Except that this was the 1880’s and Brad Pitt’s eyes are blue and I’m not making sense but that how it felt.

There. The UP Cum Laude and I are still mathematically on track for the year’s target right? Right.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep busy updating this site.


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