Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | March 19, 2008

Here comes the Tiger

Maybe we were so wrapped up in that overwhelming sense of joy and nationalistic pride after that latest Manny Pacquiao victory that we forgot to take notice of another sporting accomplishment that slammed into sports pages over the weekend.


Not that one. That one comes later in this post. This one:

Tiger Woods dramatically won the Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament, keeping intact a perfect season thus far.

Globally he has won seven straight tournaments. In the PGA Tour, he is thus far undefeated.

After making the winning 24-foot putt

Now you might think that in the light of the Houston Rockets winning 22 straight before bowing to the almighty Boston Celtics, seven straight triumphs may seem paltry. But see here, when Tiger Woods tees up in a tournament, he doesn’t just face the Boston Celtics or any singular entity for that matter. He tees it up against 150 or so of the best players in the whole world.

And this is golf. This is a sport that takes its toll on a player physically, mentally and emotionally. After just one round. As stupid as the game may be to you, it is tough. You know how I know it’s tough? Because to fully grasp the difficulty and the intricacies of the game, and to fully comprehend the majesty of Tiger Woods’ latest victory I decided to, well, play the game.

I needed someone to teach me how to play, but I could not afford to hire a teaching pro. So I settled for the next best thing: I rang up new Talk ‘N Text coach Chot Reyes, a champion PBA mentor who loves playing golf, and asked him to play a round with me.

His first reaction was a cross between a snort and a hippo’s grunt. And he followed it up with the longest uninterrupted laugh of mockery ever. But then, having been schooled in art of mind control, I managed to draw out a zombie-like yes from him.

So last weekend, I was at the Valley Golf and Country Club in Antipolo for a round of golf.

Valley golf and country club clubhouse view

And believe me, the thing Tiger Woods lists as his day job? NOT. EASY.

“You just have to repeat the steps in your mind and go through each step carefully. Keep your posture, bend your legs, go slow with the backswing, pick up speed in the down swing, follow through with your left hand and don’t look up,” said Chot at the second hole—while I was trying to hit my 33rd shot of the day.

no look up here

no look up here either! hah!

No look up here too! woohooo!

My early miscues in the fairway and Chot’s constant deep sighs reminded me of a popular golf joke:

Wanna-be golfer: I’d move heaven and earth just to be able to hit my ball the right way.
Smartass caddie: Try heaven. You’ve moved enough earth already.

 Chot's patience still intact

Eventually, though, I got the hang of it. The highlights were making the par-5 green in four, setting up a legitimate par putt (which I missed by a few inches) and blasting out of three sand traps in four strokes. And yes, those water hazards that make Valley such a testy course? 

Crossed ‘em without losing a ball. I mean, I just let ‘er rip and crossed ‘em.

With someone pledging a Callaway golf set and a new pair of golf shoes, I think I can make it a habit of hitting golf courses someday. For the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye on Tiger Woods’ streak. After all, we are blessed to be in the same generation as the guy who could end up being the greatest player ever to hit the golf course.



  1. Hayup, porma pa lang, malapit mu nang mapatumba si Tiger Woods! Hehehe.

    Saw that vid on youtube. Malupet. This is what his supporters, fans and followers are waiting for: winning a title capped with an amazing shot.

  2. grabe yun. although nothing beats yung No. 16 sa masters. yung putt niya that broke wickedly na halos u-shaped and then hung on the lip of the cup for about two seconds before falling in. yun ang hanep talaga.

  3. golf is a sport i think i’ll never understand.

    next to skydiving.

  4. ps ayan naaaaaa ultimate sign ng tanders. hahaha.

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