Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | April 6, 2008

Things to do in the summer when you’re alive

A little over a year ago, I wrote this.

Judging by what was written there, I guess I can pretty much safely assume that I was a little pissed off at something. Which could have been anything, really, from not receiving my daily ration of free newspapers (have you ever tried to do your thing on your comfort room throne without a newspaper? I mean, sucks, right?) to having a knife stuck on my back.

So that’s a pretty much wide chasm of choices to rifle through so I cannot remember what it was I was particularly mad about that day.

I’m pretty much calm now. Prone to bursts of anger, but pretty much calm.

And more than an escape, summer has become a celebration for me, just as it was back in the days when all the air was thick with the scent of pan de coco and the sea.

So. So. So. I want more of these:

virgin beach, off the bantayan coast

The UP Cum Laude and I spent a day at Eight Waves in Bulacan and it was fun. fun. fun. But I still hope to make more beach trips. So please, people, help out.

In return, let me share with you a few links that will help you just in case you plan to make flight travels this vacation season. Go here.  And here, if you want a variety of trips.

Let me add a few of mine.

When you travel by plane to beach destinations (Cebu!) or any summer getaway, it’d be best to wear flip-flops (make sure they are fashionable and don’t smell like someone’s armpit mated with someone’s sweaty foot down there), pants that you don’t need to hold up with a belt and a shirt.

Security checks can be a bummer especially when you have to take your shoes and belt off and then wear them again–only to have to take them off again.

Water bottles are not allowed inside the plane. But try and purchase one for yourself in the food stalls past the security checks. Those are allowed because they already have been pre-screened. You need your water because summer can dehydrate you and being in a pressurized cabin 26,000 feet above sea level kind of heightens the sensation of thirst.

Pack a snack. Airlines do charge for food nowadays. And they aren’t cheap. They aren’t as expensive as Tambuli Resort’s gold-and-magic-laced mango shakes. But they aren’t cheap. 

So there.

Now, to anyone out there who may suddenly find himself or herself in Smallville, please leave a suggestion as to what beach I can drive to and drive back from in a day. Or, like Eight Waves, you may have a suggestion as to how else I can celebrate summer, please drop a suggestion to.




  1. suggestion – have you tried any beaches in good ole Mindanao? Have you heard of the place called Glan, Sarangani Province. It’s not just a drive away from Manila (i know) but, it is not as commercialized as most beaches are.

    Thanks for check’n my blogsite.

  2. haven’t been to Sarangani just yet. Yeah, I know. Boo! I hope to have the time to drop by since I’ve seen some pretty cool pictures. Hehehehehe.

  3. i’ve always wanted to try camsur. teh girlfriend tried out pagudpud without me. hmp. and always, one of our first loves, la union. going back on the 27th anyone?

  4. p.s. and if only to break your heart (it shredded mine)

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