Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | April 11, 2008

Coke is it

THE only thing I love more than a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola is its commercials. Nothing takes you through the different phases of your life than memories of the catchy melodies and colorful imagery.

From (not in chronological order) the old “Coca-Cola is it!” to the chic “diet-regular” to the breezily sentimental “kasama ka” to the anthropomorphic “bottle poses” to the psychedelic “give a little love and it all comes back to you” and to the LSS-inducing “ito ang beat,” Coke commercials have a way of staying with you. 

This one though is a bit more special for me because an old friend (who reminded me that I am old) was chiefly responsible for making this.

The ad reminds me that coke commercials–and the ones of San Miguel Beer for that matter–are a television treat on their own.

Somebody ought to really make a list of the all-time best Filipino commercials so ad agencies will have more to offer us than endorsers swearing on products they’d never use if they weren’t paid to sing hallelujahs to it.



  1. Oo nga. Malupit ‘yung latest Coke commercial. I’ve seen it a few times sa primetime. Galing!

    Kilala mo ‘yung team na gumawa nito??

  2. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Heehee…

  3. Wow Gerry (feeling close, hehe), team mo me concept nun? Curious ako, pano n’yo naisip ‘yun?

    At ano nga pala ang pangalan nung lalake. Hehe. Gwaping!

  4. Hey Kristel! Magyayabang na ako at minsan lang naman sa talambuhay ko ako makakagawa ng ganitong ad. Eherm…hindi po team ang nag-isip ng istorya. Ako lang nakaisip.

    Long story but in essence hindi talaga ako Coke team. I wasn’t doing anything one day and my creative director asked me to pitch in an idea based on a creative brief that was given.

    So isang gabi, naisip ko (at naalala ko clearly, nakasakay ako sa FX nun pauwi na ng bahay), hmmm…what if someone gave up everything just to have a taste of Coke? Who would that person be?

    Naisip ko, isang anghel. Dahil ang anghel walang konsepto ng pleasure o panlasa. Paano kaya kung isuko niya ang kanyang pagka-anghel para lang makatikim ng Coke?

    Tapos naisip ko, eh paano kung pati ang isang demonyo umakyat din mula sa impiyerno para maging tao at matikman din ang Coke?

    So the story just brewed in my mind for a night, I presented the idea to my creative director the next morning, got approved, then our agency sold the idea to Coca-Cola, got the greenlight and the rest is history, hehehe…

    By the way the guy’s name is…ay hindi ko pala pwede sabihin, sorry, hehehe…

    But eto na lang…if gwapo siya sa TV, multiply that by 100X in person. Ganun ka-gwapo ang batang yan.

    Ika nga sa aming mga barako, nakakabakla siya, hehehe…

  5. Huwaw, ang galing mo, pramis! Biruin mo naisip mo yun?! Hehehe. Isa ka palang henyo. :P

    Sayang naman at hindi pwedeng malaman ang name nung guy. Di bale hehehe. :)

    Congrats! E di tiba-tiba ka nyan, malaki kinita mo dun?

  6. Gerry is it! :-)
    Puede ko ba makuha kahit yung phone number na lang ng guy? pretty pls?

  7. Hi Tin,

    Siyet, dapat hindi na yung guy na yun pinili naming talent, ayan ang daming nahuhumaling! Hehehe…

    Ok, go to this URL: Look for him there, andun siya with all the info you need, I won’t say the name, just look at the headshots of the guys. Medyo baka hindi mo siya makilala kasi alam mo naman yang mga modelo, chameleon, paiba-iba itsura pero I’m sure makikilala mo siya.

    Kristel knows his name na, I’m sure. Diba Kristel ;)

    By the way, Kristel, wala kami kinikita sa mga ad na yan, swelduhan kami, taga-isip lang kami ng komersyal :)

    Pero sana kung matuwa ang Coca-Cola bigyan kami ng marami pang project para may kita ang ahensiya namin :)

  8. man that girl is hawwwt!

    congrats on the commercial, mr gerry! galing! :D ps i went to school with a cacanindin once, any chance you’re related to armi? :)

  9. Hi Kate, thanks!

    I’m sure I’m related to your schoolmate. Though I don’t know her, gene-wise, I’m 100% positive we come from the same family tree.

    Ah, the advantages of having a unique surname, haha!

    Kiko, any relation to Ochoa, the star golfer? Hehe…Aren’t you trying your hand at golf? Baka nasa dugo mo, you can give Tiger Woods a run for his money, haha!

  10. “Kiko, any relation to Ochoa, the star golfer? Hehe…Aren’t you trying your hand at golf? Baka nasa dugo mo, you can give Tiger Woods a run for his money, haha!”

    (finally a comment on MY blog about me)

    Uh, Ger, this is Kate, one of the anchors of the Inquirer’s research department, which time and again has rescued the paper from the shame and ignominy of twisted facts and missed truths. this is Kristel, a sportswriter who like the both of us loves keira knightly, although not in the same stirred-loins passion that we do (that would be Kate, who is a certified expert on hawt women—in a highly objective manner, chief andrea) and the other one is Tin. Now I know many Tin’s but I’m guessing this here is my former boxing sparring partner who has yet to fix the schedule that will allow me to train again.

    Guys, Gerry, my high school buddy. A jovial dynamo of a person who, when he’s not thinking up some of the country’s commercials-worth-watching, is the only person who can sing “Nandito Ako” even better than Ogie Alcasid. Well, he does sound like Ogie. Acts goofy like him, too, until he decided to burn every drop of fat from his body and re-shape it into Spartan-like proportions. He loves the beach, Kate. Twice as much as we do because, well, if you can flaunt a body like that then you’d definitely be in love with beaches.

    And now that introductions are made… Yes, I am related to Lorena Ochoa. She got her golf genes from me. She would have been a nobody if I didn’t spread some golfing DNA around. And yes, who am I kidding?

    The chances that I’d give Tiger a run for his money? About the same odds that the dude would actually take up gut-bouncing as a sport, book a flight to the country and challenge me to a nationally-televised showdown. Because Ger, when that happens? His money? MINE.


  11. Duh! Cois i smsd you tatlong beses na ata. Nagyaya ako mag boxing wala man lang reply. Hiya ko na lang magtext ulet…

  12. tin! sige, sige… text kita the week after beach volleyball finals. who’s the coach, btw?

  13. i’m thinking si coach roel pa rin, gusto ko kasi yung turo niya e. saka si brin kasi nadadaya natin sa abdominals, parang dinadaya natin sarili naten hahahaha. ok, see u sa beach volley finals.

  14. oo nga. si coach roel, mas strict, walang pinapalampas. si brin, napapakiusapan eh. hehehehehe. ok ok.

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