Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | April 18, 2008

Because the slam-bang 80s were more than just a Flock of Seagulls

That was what Austin Powers told Felicity Shagwell right? When Felicity wanted to milk time travel for all it was worth so she could get to see more of the 70’s and 80’s?

“The 70s and 80s?” Austin said. “You’re not missing anything, believe me. I’ve looked into it. There’s a gas shortage and a Flock of Seagulls. That’s about it.”

Well, I beg to disagree.

More than the British music invasion, there was hair teased to heights that would have been banned in this era of overpasses and shirts tucked so high, you can reach for your wallet in your backpocket over your shoulder.

But most of all, in the slam-bang 80s, there was this:

(first one to guess their names left to write without googling–honesty counts, y’know–gets a prize)

Photo was nicked from the rarely-updated Radioactive Sago Project site.

There, the group swears that this photograph is the inspiration behind all that Sago jazz. You could, of course, read into that as some sort of attention-grabbing attempt at self-dreprecating humor. But believe me, I know a lot about Lourd de Veyra to know this to be the pure, unadulterated truth.

Behind every Sago hit is a Bagets icon. You go figure out the mixing and matching.

If you don’t believe me, let me share with you a college conversation we had while waiting for some arrogant, gun-toting tax professor to show up.

Lourd: After college, I want to be famous
Me: What famous? How famous?
Lourd: Boy-band famous.
Me: Boy-band famous?
Lourd: You know, gigs, drugs, chicks. The-whole-nine-yards famous.
Me: You? But why?
Lourd: Because
Me: Because what?
Lourd: I wanna have my picture with my fellow boy-band members taken one day.
Me: AND?
Lourd: I’ll wear really short shorts.
Me: Fine. Where the heck do you get these crazy ideas?

That was when he rummaged through his hand-woven backpack and fished out an old scented notebook wrapped in a rose-colored piece of cloth. He untied the cloth covering, untangled the mint green ribbon that kept the hardbound covers shut and opened what looked like a teenager’s diary to a page where there was a wilted rose wedged underneath a faded photograph.

Yup. That photograph.

I swear, this is a true story. If you meet up with Lourd de Veyra one of these days, rib him about him. If he denies it, tell him you heard it from me.

By the way, my name’s Nate.

In the meantime, let me leave you with this video. I really don’t know why, but I just had to leave this with you. Perhaps because I’m LSS-in on these:

Once upon a time in our Solar System
We couldn’t do without nine
But Pluto’s not a planet now
So eight will do fine…

Oh yeah. The UP Cum Laude will be the first to tell you. Eight is pretty much fine. So who needs nine?



  1. ahahahahaha… sila ano yan… herbert bautista, aga muhlach, raymond lauchengco, william martinez at jc bonnin… and i didn’t google (yaaak…) bagets!!! i have a t-shirt… i was like one when that came out… hehehehe…

  2. galing! now how the heck do i give you your prize? :D

    by mail?

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