Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | April 30, 2008

Tripping the light fantastic

On April 29, 2008, the world said goodbye to one of the people responsible for unlocking the metaphysical abilities of the human mind, freeing it from the cramping shackles of realism with what he referred to as “medicine for the soul.”

On that day, we said goodbye to Alfred Hofmann.

To all those who have dared explore an alternate reality, where milky beams dripping from a melting moon explode into a kaleidoscope of blazing, harshy-colored mushrooms, April 29 is as important as April 5 is to the grunge geeks who found comfort in the quiet rage of Kurt Cobain‘s music.

So, in honor of Dr. Hofmann, let us all plunge ourselves into a minute of neon-filled, psychedelic silence.

“Through my LSD experience and my new picture of reality, I became aware of the wonder of creation, the magnificence of nature and of the animal and plant kingdom. I became very sensitive to what will happen to all this and all of us.” (Alfred Hofmann, 1906-2008)

“Dr. Hofmann first synthesized the compound lysergic acid diethylamide in 1938 but did not discover its psychopharmacological effects until five years later, when he accidentally ingested the substance that became known to the 1960s counterculture as acid.” (New York Times c.2008)

“He then took LSD hundreds of times, but regarded it as a powerful and potentially dangerous psychotropic drug that demanded respect. More important to him than the pleasures of the psychedelic experience was the drug’s value as a revelatory aid for contemplating and understanding what he saw as humanity’s oneness with nature. That perception, of union, which came to Dr. Hofmann as almost a religious epiphany while still a child, directed much of his personal and professional life.” (New York Times, c.2008)

“In death, [Hofmann] said, ‘I go back to where I came from, to where I was before I was born, that’s all.’” (New York Times c.2008)

(Pictures nicked from various sites dedicated to psychedelic art)




  1. yooon pa-lsd ka naman!

  2. hehehehehe. i wish. dapat i-lift ang bn sa spirit-nurturing drugs eh. hahahahahaha!

    on the slim, straight-out-of-left-field chance that my mom’s reading this: JUST KIDDING!

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