Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | May 1, 2008

How do you tell people your son’s a Lesbian?

Tough, right?

Maybe that’s why the real Lesbians are up in arms.

Because when you’re from here:

island of Lesbos, home of Lesbians

Lesbos again

You can just imagine how difficult it would be to introduce your, say, boyfriend to college pals from different parts of the world.

Greek girl: By the way, this is Brouskous Bardagagos, my boyfriend. He’s Lesbian.



  1. ahehehehe. ang kulit lang.

  2. Oo nga eh. Parang gusto ko maging Lesbian. hahahahaha. Just for the conversation-icebreaker-possibilities of it. And and and. Don’t their seas look soooo good?

  3. hahaha sorry to have claimed your island name darlings. we promise we’re good lesbians. really. :)

  4. alam ko na kate kung san ako titira pag nakaipon ako. hehehe. promise.

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