Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | May 6, 2008

Coming together (Pangea Day)

AS the countdown to the celebration of Pangea Day ticks to its final three days, let us all make a meaningful pause to consider the geological theory behind the worldwide event.

The theory that modern thinkers and philosophers—either those of the new age or drug-or-alcohol-induced type—have attached to every possible form of existence (government, economics, relationships), carving out lessons from the parallelisms.

See here, the popular principle behind the Continental Drift Theory is that there once was a supercontinent named Pangea that certain geological movements ripped apart with the passage of time.

Let us not forget the important footnote to this theory. That the continents, before drifting apart, started out in separate, individual entities in the first place, before coming together to form the supercontinent.

Happy Pangea Day, everyone.

And may the continental drift theory dawn on you in a positive light.  Because coming togethers shouldn’t take this long. Or have to be this massive.



  1. nawa’y magsamasama muli ang mga nagkawatak-watak na iba’t ibang pangaea ng buhay-buhay natin :)

  2. mismo katie! mismo. hinahanap ko kahapon yung post mo about the continental drift theory. lintek, ang hirap pag walang search bar ang blog eh. hehehehehe. paki naalng yung link kase balak ko i-link dito. thanks!

  3. […] couple of weeks ago, an old friend pointed to a celebration called World Pangaea Day, which hopes to inspire a sort of “reunion” in the world – a coming together of cultures and […]

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