Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | June 27, 2008

Pacquiao fights for a place in history

Uhh… No. This is not some expert’s analysis of Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming bout against WBC lightweight champion David Diaz.

Several people have already said their piece, and even a high school pal has offered his two cents’ worth, predicting that David Diaz will go down in six.

This is actually one of shameless plugging.

As Manny Pacquiao attempts to be the first Asian to win world titles in four different divisions…

 …I will be doing the round-by-round report at So! So! So! Drop by the site.

If you want to be the first to know how the fight turns out and can’t affort pay-per-view, or if you want to play party pooper on people watching the bout via a horribly-delayed feed, join me at Sunday morning.

Photo courtesy of Roy Luarca

See ya! Go, go go Pacquiao!



  1. Asteeeeg…I want to join you sana kaso…mamamatay ako sa nerbiyos (haha, I’m like Pacquiao’s mom). Ayoko ng live (even if someone gave me money for pay-per-view, ayoko).

    One thing I relish during Pacquiao’s fights is when text messages start trickling in that he won already while we’re still watching the delayed telecast, hehehe…Lalo ‘pag knockout, at least I’ll have the chance to anticipate the knockout and see it unfold.

    Ewan ko, hindi ko lang talaga kaya ang live. Aatakihin ata ako sa puso, haha…

  2. You can just imagine ow it was doing the round-by-round of the Marquez fight. Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  3. Graabbeehhh! Imagine, nagpa-picture ang Boston Celtics kay Pacman after the fight?! I mean, so cool!!! Seeing Kevin Garnett and others beside Pacman and hearing the NBA champs chant Manny’s name makes me really, really proud to be a Pinoy!


  4. Kiko, ang tagal mo naman sulatin yung post mo about the Pacman-Diaz fight, pabalik-balik ako dito wala pa din. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the fight and kung ano sa tingin mo naghihintay na future kay Pacquiao. (Hehehe, sorry, demanding ba? Haha!)

  5. Hahaha! Okay. Will do. Mejo busy pa but i’ll put one post up about the fight. Promise! :)

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