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The real Battle in Beijing (hot pics posted, too!)

EVERYBODY is going to check out if China has what it takes to topple powerhouse United States in the coming Beijing Olympics. The Chinese, after all, are the hosts and they have a state-run and state-funded sports machinery that can rival the United States.

For some, focus will be on whether China can keep its word to alleviate the human rights concerns that have been raised even way before the communist country bagged the hosting rights.

Others will be checking if the “Redeem Team,” the Americans’ latest edition of superstar pros out to reclaim the US’ stranglehold in basketball, can fulfill its mission.

Me? I’ll be tuned in to the real battle that is going to take place the moment the Olympics kick off on 08.08.08 at exactly 8.08 p.m. China time.

It is a battle that will be fought in that architecturally unique arena called the water cube.

The sport? Swimming.

The duel? United States vs Australia.

It’s going to be a duel to remember and trust me, not just because of the new Speedo LZR suit that has raised quite a ruckus, there will be a lot of swimming world records broken in Beijing.

My apologies to the Bernards, Manaudous, Kitajimas, Schoemans and Van den Hoogenbands in this world. But I think once the swimming competitions start, the stage will be littered with victors and the vanquished of the American and Aussie kind.

I have always been a swimming fan. Ever since I was five and my grandfather waded into rough, wind-tossed, neck-deep Mindanao seas and hurled me into the waves, telling me the only way I was going to live is if I learned to swim back to shore that very instant, I was hooked. And any swim fan knows that in Beijing, the thickest plot in the sporting drama begins and ends with one man.

Michael Phelps want 8 in 08.08.08

Michael Phelps wants 8 in 08.08.08

Michael Phelps.

Phelps is going for the impossible in Beijing, chasing after Mark Spitz’s record of seven gold medals in one Olympics. He’s not out to match it. He’s out to better it. That means in this edition of the quadrennial games that has gone agog over its fascination for the number 8, Phelps will try to win eight gold medals.

Which is why I’m cheering for him the most. That, and the fact that this guy–

swimming's Rocky

Gary Hall Jr., my all-time favorite swimmer who enters the arena to the soundtrack of “Rocky” and wears a boxing robe decorated in the US tricolors with matching boxing shorts before every swim, failed to qualify for this Olympics.

Phelps will not only try to rub out Spitz’s record. He will also be the ringleader of a vaunted American men’s team that features the likes of Aaron Peirsol and Ryan Lochte. The men’s team is the American strength in its duel against Australia. With Aussie hero Ian Thorpe calling it quits, the guys from Down Under may have to rely on the likes of record-writing sprinter Eamon Sullivan and the lung-busting Grant Hackett.

Long distance king

Long distance king

The Australian swimming team is expected to–pardon the pun–make waves in the women’s side of the competition. You have got to love these Aussie lady swimmers. Not only are they the fastest tankers on earth, they also know how to party.

World record holder Libby Trickett hams it up with Aussie swimmer Jo Fargus 

World record holder Libby Trickett hams it up with Aussie swimmer Jo Fargus


Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan, swimmings erstwhile golden couple

Stephanie Rice and former national team member Nick d' Arcy


Leisel Jones, Jessicah Schipper, Libby Trickett and Stephanie Rice lead the Australian women’s charge against the Americans. And did I mention Stephanie Rice? The former poster girls for Australian swimming is now among the list of world record holders, owning the 200 individual medley mark. And yes, she also owns the facebook account that contains controversial pictures of a party held by Aussie swimmers.

Rice and Sullivan used to be the glamour couple of the sport. But the two decided to end their relationship supposedly to focus on the gold medal bid of their country.

And, oh, did I mention Stephanie Rice? Because, damn. Ain’t she hot?

Steaming hot Rice

Steaming hot Rice


Extra Rice please!

Extra Rice please!

Rice... kahit walang ulam (hehehe)

Rice... kahit walang ulam (hehehe)


world record holder

world record holder

The party girl

The party girl


Speaking of Stephanie Rice

Speaking of Stephanie Rice

Natalie Coughlin, Phelps’ psuedo-sister Katie Hoff and veterans Dara Torres and Amanda Beard spearhead the US women’s squad. Couglin, Hoff and Beard are world record holders. Torres, at 41, surprised everyone by qualifying for the American team in the meet’s centerpiece event: The 100 free. The four will have added weight to carry what with Jessica Hardy, easily a gold medal favorite in the breast and free events, continues to battle allegations of doping

And 200 breast qualifier Beard, who swam for the US in the Olympics at age 14 and is in her fourth edition of the meet, can also make a case for herself as the sport’s glamour girl.

FHM centerfold

FHM centerfold


Breaststroke queen

Breaststroke queen

They make em athletes like this too

They make 'em athletes like this too

Need I say more?

So, who’s going to win the overall medal tally in the Battle in Beijing? For sheer depth of roster, I’m picking the United States. Heck, Phelps alone should pretty much lord it over in the gold medal tally. So keep your eyes glued to the television set folks. And don’t just focus on basketball.

Because with hawt gals, tight competition and record-seeking bids, swimming is going to steal the spotlight in the Olympics.



  1. I hope doping scandals wouldn’t hound swimming as they have cycling. Phelps for Beijing Olympics Most Valuable Athlete! :)

  2. I’ll miss Ian Thorpe. :( I have always been a fan of the Australian team than the United States. Hehehe.

    Pero I’ll be cheering for Michael Phelps’ eight-gold campaign.


  3. Ger: Naku! I hope not. I hope swimming keeps itself clean and I do hope Jessica Hardy gets cleared para battle royale ang women’s swimming between US and Australia. I still think kase yung men’s eh US na talaga yun.

    Tel: Ang ganda sana kung andun pa si thorpe tas magkakaroon ng rematch yung sila ni phelps and van den hoogenband. tas maybe the likes of alain bernard and ronald schoeman could crash 200 freestyle event para maganda

  4. pucha naman o (douses self with water from pantry, ayan tatayo ulit para kumuha ng maiinom.)

  5. 41-year-old Olympic swimmer Dara Torres is the talk of the sports, fitness, health, and anti-aging world. I think you’ll enjoy this interesting video that takes viewers back to the very moment the world first learned how Torres has been defying aging for the past 8 years. This is not a commercial or an ad. It’s a very revealing news story.


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