Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | August 10, 2008

One down, seven to go


I TOLD YOU to keep an eye on the swimming competitions of the Beijing Olympics.

It’s going to be a fast one. As I write this one, there are already three records shattered so far. And the best is yet to come.

The most notable record broken so far?

The men’s 400 IM record, which gave Michael Phelps the first of the eight golds he plans to win in Beijing. The American swim team ringleader was unstoppable in his first gold, and nine hours after accomplishing the feat, he qualified for the 200 butterfly semifinals.

What a guy.


Cutting through the pool

Cutting through the pool



Gold No. 1

Gold No. 1

And of course, here’s making sure you don’t overlook the fact that certified party girl and Australian swim star Stephanie Rice later duplicated the feat, smashing the 400 IM record by two seconds–an eternity in swimming–and beating Zimbabwe’s Kirsty Coventry and former record holder Katie Hoff for her first gold medal in these Games.


yey, Steph!

yey, Steph!


world record girl

world record girl


golden girl

golden girl


Phelps, of course, is gunning for seven more golds and the uber-hot Rice will swim her favorite, the 200 IM, in the next few days. That means the Americans and Australians are off to their pool rivalry. The Aussies, though, took a hit when skipper Grant Hackett lost in the 400 freestyle. But nevertheless, it will be fascinating to watch these two countries try to outdo each other in the pool.

In the meantime, keep your eyes stuck to the swimming competitions. Things are just about to get a notch hotter. 

Coming up tomorrow: A not-so-impressive debut by the US “Redeem Team” in a victory over host China.



  1. Michael Phelps is from another planet. Period.

  2. Waaah! Hindi ko napanood yung swim ni “Lolo” Lezak this morning in the 400M free relay! Darn! I should take a two-week leave from work! (Oh well, there’s always YouTube) :)

  3. Grabe yung ke Lezak Ger. As in, finger tip. Phelps’ bid for eight was saved by a mere fingertip.

  4. Sh*t! Wala pa sa YouTube and wala din sa official site ng Beijing Olympics yung video ng swim ni Lezak.

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