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More on Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Mainly because we can’t get enough of the Fab Four.

So for those of you who want to have more than one vantage point of the concert, view it from fellow E-Heads addicts Gerry and the venerable (he hates the word honorable) lawyer Ted Te, whose passion for Ely, Raimund, Marcus and Buddy almost rivals that of his faith. Rissa can also give you, literally, a wide-angled view of the concert.

Gerry, of course, is my high school pal (loved the dear-god-make-ely-well-enough-to-play-again post Ger) whose blogs I have the tendency to copycat every now and then while Ted Te has commented only twice on this site: Both times having to do with Eraserheads. Like I said, passionate.

But if you’re the type who believes that a picture is worth a thousand words, take a good look at this:

ito ay para sa mga masa...

ito ay para sa mga masa... lahat ng aming nakasama lahat ng aming nakasama

Those photos were nicked from this site. The guy (thanks to Papa Emman for the link) has a library of the reunion concert with pictures that capture the essence of the show. I swear, browse through the album while listening to your favorite E-Heads tunes and it’s like you’re being transplanted to the Global City open field again, during that magical night of Aug. 30, when we were all money-less, no-care-in-the-world teenagers singing to the tunes with lines that spoke to our very psyche.

You can even tear through the album with a printed-out version of what should have taken place during the Eraserheads Reunion Concert’s second set and play the hits that were supposed to have been played then and I swear, it’s like the whole concert is playing out in front of you.

All you have to do is make your imagination work. I mean, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool E-Heads fan, setting your imagination free to soar beyond the limits banality has enforced on it should be pretty much easy.  How else did you enjoy listening to Wag Mo Nang Itanong?

* * *

Anyway, I’ve managed to unload pictures from the second camera that the UP Cum Laude and I brought during our ultraelectropantastik date.

'bracing' ourselves for the reunion of the century

bracing ourselves for the ulitmate reunion

if you haven't noticed, we kinda have a fascination for these numbers

if you haven't noticed, we kinda have a fascination for these numbers


the longest one second in the history of mankind

the longest one second in the history of mankind

i'm in trouble

kinda like sydney carton saying, just before the guillotine dropped: i'm in trouble

 * * *

Sportswriter Kristel said that contrary to widely-published and widely-blogged reports, there were jeers coming from her section of the audience when it was announced that Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital and the concert was cut short.

The boogerballs were actually also asking for a refund.



reunited and it feels so good

reunited and it feels so good


Apparently, the paramecium-brained asswipes felt that they were cheated out of their parents’ money and thus felt the need to express their dismay. And they felt that way because they were either:

  1. Unaware that Ely Buendia had a heart ailment before,
  2. Ignorant of the fact that, according to this, Ely went on with the show even if he was not feeling well before concert time because–
  3. His mother had just died,
  4. Completely blank about the significance of the phenomenal night, or;
  5. Sixcyclemind fans and therefore deserve our well-meaning and nurturing understanding.


* * *

It wasn’t just sheer exhaustion after all.

Ely Buendia had angioplasty, his third, if I remember correctly, at the Philippine Heart Center and is well on the way to recovery.

He will be back soon.

Based on the pictures above, I didn’t imagine things when I thought I saw Ely mock-genuflect just before handing off his guitar to a roadie. It wasn’t a joke, in fact. The pictures above show that he actually knelt and then indian-sat.

The guy was more than tired, it turned out.

And there were people who actually clamored for a refund?

If John Lennon and George Harrison rose from the dead and the Beatles reunited for one gig and after one song, the Lord would revoke their reincarnation rights, would you boo, jeer or hiss?

Pinilit kong iahon ka/Ngunit ayaw mo naman sumama… Wag mong hayaang ganito/Bigyan ang sarili ng respeto

wide angle

wide angle


ely buendia

ely buendia

* * *

The photos at the top of this post may sum up what the night was. That the Eraserheads gave it their all until their frontman had precious little else to carry him through two more sets. But the fact that the concert ended the way it did spared us from having to deal with the fact that the Heads would be playing their last few songs. They emptied the stage while we were still on a high, dazed by the reality of a moment we thought would never come.

And–I can never say this enough–Ely, Raimund, Marcus and Buddy all deserve our thanks. They could’ve cut the concert short before it even started  when they knew Ely was in no condition to go through the whole thing.

But they didn’t. They gave it all they had.

Para sa Masa.

(More pictures coming up. And, if I figure a way past my technological ineptitude, videos even)




  1. ‘Di talaga maalis ang mga epal sa mundo. May mga nagrereklamo pa pala why daw nag-continue yung tatlo sa Saguijo?! Sino ba yang mga ‘yan? Raimund was forced to clarify tuloy through e-mail which, he didn’t really have to do in the first place. He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

  2. Siguro pala kung narinig mo ‘yon, baka hinamon mo ng rambulan sa labas ‘yung mga epal. Hehehe.

    Gerry, nabasa ko rin ‘yang mga reklamong ganyan sa mga comments ng mga videos ng concert sa youtube (naki-comment ako, pucha, epal talaga eh). Talagang marami pa ring hindi makaintindi sa nangyari.

  3. Ger>> Yup, none of the e-heads need to apologize for anything. Not for the concert getting cut, not for the Saguijo gig, not for anything.

    Tel>> At maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan (?)

  4. Raimund doesn’t owe an explanation sa inyong mga nasa vip, svip, mga freeloaders kasi kayo e. Pero kami na nagbayad (and in effect, nag-subsidize para makanood kayo!), he’s accountable to us.

  5. Hmm… I smell something brewing…

  6. Hmm… I smell something brewing…

    Kanya-kanya lang sigurong level of understanding yan. Ang sa akin naman, nagbayad din naman kami for our Patron tickets, pero I still don’t think that they’re accountable to us. Solve pa rin ako.

  7. (insert name of band here)-fan has a point. Freeloader’s a bit insensitive to paying patrons.

    Go ahead, E-Heads… Be accountable for Ely’s angioplastied heart.

  8. They don’t get it, do they?

  9. The sad thing is, sabi nga ni Don McLean (AMPOTA 70S REFERENCE NA ITO)…

    “…perhaps they never will.”

  10. Ahahahaaa teka Ginoogle ko to be sure at tamang kanta nga ang hinala ko. Haha.

  11. Kiko, may troll na nakapasok. Ano nga ba yung nabasa ko about how to deal with trolls? Ay, oo, I remember, ignore. Sorry, wala palang troll dito, hehehe.

  12. i love you ely.-.bat hindi mu man lang aq nihintay

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