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Guy walks into a bar… Part 6

(Otherwise known as the post-Ateneo-La Salle post. With wtf, trying-hard cartoons!)

I write this today because I was kind of hoping that I would spring a few tickets to what would have been Game Three of the UAAP college blockbuster and absent myself from work to take the UP Cum Laude to an Ateneo-La Salle match.

Unfortunately, the Eagles were too tall, too cohesive and too talented to be denied of a sweep. And the Archers? Suffice it to say that a lot of their offseason training for next year will center on How-Not-To-Flash-The-Dirty-Finger-During-A-Crucial-Phase-Of-The-Game.

rico maierhofer: a lot of love despite his dirty finger

The past couple of weeks saw a glut of college basketball all over the country. Newspapers devoted eight-pagers to the championship, television news stations had at least one segment devoted to the rivalry and everywhere, it seemed that fashion contained only two colors.

People were either in Ateneo blue or La Salle Green.

Every time people opened their mouths, it was to say Ateneo’s the stronger team. Or La Salle’s the better team.

* * *

Except the coaches, of course. I mean, what’s a championship series without coaches wracking their brains to cook up reasons why their team is the underdog?

Go figure this one out: After months of working out and practicing to make sure you’re the better team, you suddenly want to tell people that you’re actually the underdog?

Ateneo coach Norman Black said several times he was envious of La Salle’s championship experience.

La Salle coach Franz Pumaren, on the other hand, admitted that every time he took a look at Ateneo’s roster, he felt depressed that the other team was loaded with more talent.

Both coaches repeated their mantras several times; pretty soon people forgot who exactly was blue and who was green.

* * *

In the end, though, Pumaren said his team actually lacked championship maturity.

And when the team’s veteran, Rico Maierhofer, lost his cool and flipped the finger at Ateneo shot-blocking demon Nonoy Baclao, you have to believe that the Archers were running low on maturity.

And how about LA Revilla further stressing that point? In a knockout game vs FEU, the La Salle rookie watched Tamaraw star Mac Baracael miss two free throws and then horrifyingly mocked the guy by making a “shooting” gesture at Baracael with his hands.

Baracael, of course, is the guy who got shot by a lone gunman in a brazen incident several months back.

Breeding, anyone?

* * *

There’s one guy Pumaren needs to keep an eye on. Someone who’s capable of such an insensitive gesture in his rookie year might turn out worse three years down the road.

Franz, however, isn’t worried about that.

“He’s just a kid,” Franz told reporters later on…

* * *

Remember Mike Cortez? Not the traded-to-San-Miguel-from-Alaska version. The Mike “Dribble-off-my-foot-at-the-worst-possible-moment” Cortez version.

Yeah, the La Salle Cortez.

I was told that Archers fans have not yet forgiven him for his late game errors that cost La Salle the crown in the 2002 final against Ateneo.

Cortez tried to redeem himself by giving out an interview where he voiced out his faith in La Salle and went on to say that Ateneo does not know how to deal with the pressure as well as La Salle does.

It seemed that the interview did change people’s perception of him.

Naaah. La Salle fans still hate him. It’s just that now, Ateneo fans hate him even more.

* * *

I can almost imagine if it were Mike Cortez who walked into a bar filled with La Sallites and Ateneans:

Mike Cortez: La Salle’s gonna win. Ateneo’s gonna cave in to the pressure!
Crowd: BOOOOO!
Mike Cortez: Wow, that was loud.
Smart-alecky guy at the bar: Wait till you hear the Ateneans.

* * *

What’s with the Archers’ coaching staff and girlfriends?

In a UE game where La Salle was turning the ball over and over, an assistant coach taking over Pumaren’s chores told the players during the timeout: “If the ball were your girlfriend, you’d have lost her several times already.”

After beating FEU in a knockout game where James Mangahas played one of his finest games, Pumaren told reporters: “I only hope his girlfriend still talks to him. His girlfriend’s from FEU.”

Reminds me of that cruel text joke passed around like an inflatable f**k-me doll in a for-nerds-only stag party. The joke made its rounds during the La Salle-FEU championship series way back: What do you call an FEU student with a La Salle boyfriend/girlfriend?

Like I said, cruel.

* * *

The UAAP finals got so intense—and downright scary—that Chris Tiu’s family reportedly hired a bodyguard for the Ateneo superstar because several unidentifiable people kept stalking him.

Tiu went on to deny the rumors, though, in front of national television.

“It wasn’t a bodyguard, just an aide,” he said.

And besides, no one was stalking him. “They probably just want something that’s why they kept following me,” he said.

Like you need a punchline for that?!

* * *

How crazy was the UAAP finals? A patron ticket sold on e-Bay cost P25,000 and was actually up for bidding.

The winner got it for P25,300.

Guess what’s crazier? The winner bought a pair of tickets at that price, costing him (I always associate stupidity with the male gender) P50,600 to watch Game 1 of the series (damn, I do excel at math).

* * *

I would’ve said its crazy to purchase a P25,000 ticket from scalpers just to watch one friggin’ game.

Except that two things kept me from doing so.

* * *

One: I heard that it was an Atenean who bought the ticket using all the money he had saved up from those years that the Blue Eagles did not reach the finals.

Two: The guy did not buy it from scalpers. At least not in Chris Tiu’s world where…

* * *

Anyway, congratulations Ateneo!

* * *

La Salle, though deserves the last word in this championship series so let’s hear it from Franz Pumaren:

“I’ve had people texting me saying Ateneo won its fourth title against me. I just tell them it’s okay, I still have more championships than Ateneo.” –Franz Pumaren, who has coached La Salle to five of its seven UAAP titles)

All images that were not shitty cartoons courtesy of Edwin Bacasmas, Phil. Daily Inquirer



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