Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | October 22, 2008

Be not afraid (the music video)

First off, a word of apology to the people who made it here by way of multiply. I could not find a way to embed this video there, thus I had to redirect you guys here.

Don’t worry, it will be worth your while. HAH!

Anyway, I had been working on this project for quite some time, trying to cook up a surprise for the UP Cum Laude, who I knew would be plotting a birthday surprise for me (and what a surprise it was!). So, after tossing the idea around in my head, I decided to put things into motion on two consecutive Mondays.

But first, a handful of disclaimers.

  1. No animals were harmed in the making of this video. So PETA people, back off. There was no cross-breeding betwen monkeys and pigs resulting in the abomination on drums.
  2. No drugs were used in the filming of this video. The dude on guitars was sober. I swear.
  3. This is my first attempt at video blogging.
  4. I had no help. And although I directed, produced, acted as PA, did hair and make-up, I did not star in this video. I got a couple of homeless schmucks to act for me.
  5. I did not take film in college nor did I have any units on film. The most abused technique in the making of this music video was “cut-and-paste” and “highlight-and-drag.”
  6. I am tone deaf, what I know about musical instruments you can whiteboard-marker on a 25-cent coin. And more importantly,
  7. The only equipment I had was my trusty Borobok (MacBook to you) and nothing else. Oh, there was a flashlight, “bubbles,” and a trio of stuffed toys and that’s about it. No art essentials: No video cameras (shot using Borobok’s iSight), no editing machines, no alcohol, no weed;
  8. Just a pinch of imagination, a sprinkle of tiyaga and immeasurable doses of love (Loosely: it’s the thought that counts).

So here goes (my apologies for the lousy transitions):

HAH! What a way to end a long spell of no-posts. :D



  1. that’s what mondays-without-basketball did to you! hahahaha! :))

    thanks baby for this video. so cutey cutey funny! love the drummer boy, dude! kewl! :)

    but i love you more. with bluey, heart and rae and bubbles! whew! you made me proud!hahahaha! mmmwaaah!

    (wag mo na uli uulitin to ha? sa isang taon na uli. :))

  2. hahahahaha… more videos to come nga eh. pag nasanay lang talaga ako sa software ni borobok, mapapaganda ko pa yung video. yung mukha kase, wala ng pag-asa. hehehehehehe

  3. now i’m afraid. :))

  4. hehehe.
    love you. :))

  5. yan ganyan dapat ang ginagawa pag free time.

  6. o di ba, useful and creative? hehehehehe

  7. […] The E-heads’ No. 1 fan probably can sing all you’re their songs if asked to. I don’t have all their songs memorized. But I did use an E-heads hit for that history-making, momentous first—and so far only—video blog on Smallville. […]

  8. Ganda ng music video mo! Baka ang susunod na blog mo ay, nikuha ka ni michael v.para mag host sa bubble gang. I’m proud of you!

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