Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | November 5, 2008

He was right all this time

Even during those days when Hillary Clinton was a favorite for the Democratic nomination, even when people with 9-11 images seared behind their eyelids continued whispering Rudy Giuliani’s name, even when John McCain was just another Republican hopeful…

This guy had but two words when it came to the US presidential elections: Barack Obama.

Yesterday, as the United States’ first African-American president addressed the mighty nation he is to lead for the next four years, the paraphrased words of actress Moira Kelly, playing a bitchy, ice-cold ice skating diva in the movie Cutting Edge, strangely, came to my mind: Remember who said it first.

Great call, Ger!



  1. In my opinion there was no way Obama couldn’t win. People were so fed up with Republicans that there was no way a Republican could win. I even believe that if things were different and Obama was a Republican, he would have lost. America has spoken.

  2. Geethanks! But Oprah was even better. She was saying Obama was going to be the next U.S. president way, way back in 2006. That’s the first time I heard about Obama :)

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