Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 16, 2009

Dear whoever-it-is-who’s-responsible-for-dispensing-tickets-to-the-Eraserheads-reunion-concert-set-2


Let me start this one off with an admission.

I am not the No. 1 Eraserheads fan.

Even if at one point in life, I had managed to purchase all E-Heads albums, I hadn’t had any album cover autographed. And now that those CDs had been pillaged from my old CD rack by your professed loyalists, I will never be able to get that opportunity. If it is any consolation, though, I have an E-Heads playlist on the UP Cum Laude’s iPod.

Trust me, I listen to that playlist as often as I eat. And if you’ve seen me eat…

The only autograph I have of any E-Heads member is of Ely Buendia, who was gracious enough to sign my trusty old guitar when he visited the office. But make a note out of this: It is one of the rare autographs I’ve ever asked personally for myself. I can only remember two people whose autographs I personally asked for: Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales.

I’ve asked an autograph from Sharon Cuneta (She’s in an E-heads song!) but through a friend of hers. I have one addressed to me by a certain actress currently married to a hunk of an actor, but that was coursed through an errand boy and the only reason I asked is to see if certain actress remembered me (she didn’t). The only other time I wanted to personally ask an autograph from a celebrity (of sorts) was when I tried to approach a busty bombshell to see if she remembered my brother, whom she sort-of kidnapped once. She remembered. But I didn’t have to get her autograph to find out.

Oh. I’ve asked and gotten autographs from Kobe Bryant, Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, the entire 2007 PBA Philippine Team and Efren “Bata” Reyes. But they were for other people.

The E-heads’ No. 1 fan probably can sing all you’re their songs if asked to. I don’t have all their songs memorized. But I did use an E-heads hit for that history-making, momentous first—and so far only—video blog on Smallville.

The E-heads’ No. 1 fan may have probably had some eloquently written piece on the band published in a newspaper or magazine several times. I had a piece published in a paper just once, and it was a plea to the heavens to save Ely Buendia from the paralyzing—and sometimes fatal—effects of a heart attack. And I did write about the reunion concert for all of Smallville to read.

And look! I pushed back my 2009 year opener blog post and a handful of Manny Pacquiao-related pieces just to be able to post this ahead of everything else.

That said, I think I do deserve your time and attention, whoever you are.

I have a plea: I need tickets to the encore concert.

I am a decent person, regardless of what a couple of character assassins will tell you. And I will give you two choices: Either you give me tickets to the concert or I will personally shit on the façade of whatever establishment you usually hole yourself up in. Really. And to spice things up, I will feast on a combination of camote, beer, oysters and balut before dumping a load in front of said establishment.

They have to be front row tickets or thereabouts.

And here’s a catch that you’ll enjoy: They don’t have to be free. Yeah. I will gladly and wholeheartedly pay for them as long as you make sure there are front row tickets available for me to purchase.

I need four tickets. Sugary please?

And don’t sic your guards on me when I show up with cameras. I mean, if someone invited you to a live debate between John Lennon and Jesus as to who is really more famous, wouldn’t you feel bummed out if the invite came with a ban on cameras?

Now, I know courtesies such as these are extended only to: a) relatives and close friends of the E-heads; b) relatives and close friends of organizers; c) celebrities from politics, showbiz and sports and d) the E-heads’ No. 1 fan.

Ever since Aug. 30, 2008, I have tried to worm myself up the fan ranking knowing I am neither A, B or C.

But after close introspection, I realize I failed. Still, I have my threat. That should count as something, right?

And besides, how much of an effort will it take for you to grant the wishes of the band’s No. 2 fan?



  1. i do hope to catch that FINAL set with you, babs!

    at least now, alam na natin where to go (and magbakasakaling pumunta sila) after the concert … just a few tumblings away from our beloved office. ;-)

  2. this plea of yours is very persuasive, as compared to my “i need SVIP tix for the Eheads concert! you’ll have me as your slave for an hour (negotiable)!” stat message in ym..number #3 fan couldn’t be that bad too right??=p

  3. chabs>> we will find a way! hahahahaha!

    cyrian>> no. 3 deserves just as much. hehehehe =)

  4. MOA daw venue. Ticket prices, P3K, P2K, P1.5K, P1K. I just got an e-mail from someone, di ko alam kung totoo ito. Ang mahal ah. Dapat maka-score uli ng SVIP, hehehe…

  5. cyrian>> no. 3 deserves just as much. hehehehe =)<< very gratifying to hear!hahaha..haay, sna mkakulimbat ng svip tix tlga..

  6. Ger>> yeah, i heard. i was at the presscon yesterday. too bad they didn’t give out ticket freebies :)

    Cyrian>> by hook or by crook mode na ako. hehehe!

  7. […] And this isn’t going to be a continuation. It’s going to be an entire show, not just one that picks up from where they last left. That’s what the Heads themselves said when they held a press conference announcing the concert. It’s going to take place at the Mall of Asia on March 7. So red-letter that day and begin your Frodo-like quest to get your tickets. I began mine with an open letter to the organizers just recently. […]

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