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Can we have our group hug now?

ely raimund marcus buddy

They’re doing it all over again.

As you all know by now, the Eraserheads have listened to the pleas of the multitude and are going to reunite for one more gig to make up for that abbreviated reunion concert in August last year.

And this isn’t going to be a continuation. It’s going to be an entire show, not just one that picks up from where they last left. That’s what the Heads themselves said when they held a press conference announcing the concert. It’s going to take place at the Mall of Asia on March 7. So red-letter that day and begin your Frodo-like quest to get your tickets. I began mine with an open letter to the organizers just recently.

And if you need any more reason to drag you off your butts to go on a crusade, beg, strip, offer sexual favors and donate eggs to monasteries in exchange for tickets, it’s this rather melancholic message from the band’s frontman:

“As far as I know, this is going to be the final time (the Heads will play together),” said Ely Buendia.

together again!

The press conference marked the first time since the aborted reunion  concert that the former bandmates faced journalists as a group, and there was a rather light-hearted atmosphere that was quite a surprise considering that the Heads had never really admitted that they had finally settled whatever differences led to their break-up.


Okay, so they weren’t exactly finishing each other’s sentences. But they were catching each other’s punchlines, making sure no laugh trip moment fell flat.

Lead guitarist Marcus Adoro helped lighten the mood early on. Asked what would make this concert different from the first, he remarked: “Magkakaroon ng group hug dito.”

The laughter came from those who recalled that during the reunion concert, there was a clamor for a group hug from the audience, one that went unheeded until the concert came to an abrupt end because of Ely’s heart condition.

“Also,” Marcus continued, “We will play more than 15 songs. Baka 16.”

Ely took the joke in stride. Of course, the main concern was wether or not Ely can go the whole nine yards this time around. The iconic frontman had been going on gigs with his band Pupil, but those gigs were usually made up of four to six songs. With the entire Eraserheads repertoire expectedly penciled into the March 7 event, can Ely’s angioplastied heart hold up?

“I’ve been working out,” he said. He paused a while and broke into an impish smile before adding: “Okay, not really.”

But he assured the media present that he had taken all possible precautions to ensure an uninterrupted evening of rock ‘n roll nostalgia.

fab four

The concert is expected to last like three hours or so.

“We can only stand ourselves for three hours,” said drummer Raimund Marasigan.

Beyond that?

“Beyond that is four hours,” bassist Buddy Zabala chipped in. “And that would be disastrous.”

Yup, it was that kind of an afternoon. Just laughter and the promise of a good night of singing to the songs that defined a generation. 

dsc_0101 dsc_0099 dsc_0097 dsc_0124

“We’ve never really been a good live band. But we will try to come up with a better concert than we did last time–if that’s even possible,” said Ely.

People were asking if the Heads will interact among themselves in the Final Set, something which they didn’t do much of in the original reunion concert.

“The stage was too big (during the reunion concert) for us too interact. Besides, those who’ve known us and watched us play since 1989 know that that’s how we play. We don’t interact much. We had better instruments, better equipment (during the reunion concert) but we played the way we always play,” Raimund said.

And, will there finally be a group hug?

“If the audience does it first,” said Buddy. You can bet your life, Buddy, that the audience will do anything to witness a group hug.

Oh, by the way, Final Set is just a working title for the concert and that organizers are still scrounging around for a title. What say we E-Heads fanatics make an overemphasis of the obvious and clamor for the concert to be titled “Group Hug.”

That way, the Heads will know exactly what we’ll be trooping to the Mall Of Asia on March 7 for.



  1. it will indeed be a Frodo-like quest..not even entities from the Underworld, Wolverine, Manny Pacquiao, Luna Mystika or even Barack Obama could stop me from grabbing a hold of those sacred tickets..maybe i should write my own open letter too,haha..=p

  2. hahahaha! sabi ko nga sayo, by hook or by crook na ako eh. it’s not really just a problem of coughing up the moolah. even when you’ve already saved up for it, there’s this little problem of where to buy tickets. actually, nandiyan yung adventure eh, the rushing from one outlet to another para lang makasiguro ng tickets. hahahahaha!

    ps… open letter seems to have had no effect at press time =)

  3. Hey superboy. dunno how you feel about tagging but i did so anyway. hehe.

    read my post and pass it on.

  4. hi how are they..specialy ely i hope you have aniother concert reunion..and always keep safe.i love ypu ely buendia from your no.1 fans…

  5. Manny_Pacquiao_fights__Antonio_Margarito

    i love eraser heads. they are the best. hope they have another concert this year. Ely be healthy.

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