Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | February 7, 2009

Paying it forward

My mental to-do list now feels like a washing machine, with items tumbling, spinning and intertwining hopelessly in my head.  I wish I could get everything over and done with but like the Chinese say, the journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So this is my first step. Crossing off a post I owe a friend.

One, I need to keep alive a Pay-It-Forward kind of thing launched by the Baguio Transplant.  Last month, she put up this blog project wherein she would give out handmade/homemade products to the first five people to respond to her post.

So here goes: The first five people to respond to this post will get a handmade/homemade gift from yours truly.

Weeeeeeell, I don’t exactly know what gift it is I will be giving out. But knowing myself pretty well, they’re likely to be:

a) Cheap. Very Cheap.
b) I can’t think of anything else.

I might peel the label off a San Mig Light bottle, scribble a few words of advice on the back and then send it to you. I might shed off my sentimentality and hand over to you my private 12-year-old navel lint collection. Or maybe, just maybe, I’d order a brand new Macbook on line and have it shipped to your home.

Here’s the catch: You have to repost this on your journal/blog and do the same thing. Like the plan says: Pay it forward.

It can be anything, people. The point is to give something out and hopefully make people smile. You have to know the person who cooked up this idea to fully understand the good-naturedness of this little project. The Baguio Transplant is the type who would bury her miseries and bad memories in some turd-infested patch of land and expect rainbows to grow from them.

So there. First five.

PS: Martian Guy, I owe you something after you tagged me. But see, there’s this Facebook tag I also have to fulfill and I decided to just nerge both tags. They call for the same thing. Except that the Facebook thing calls for more items.



  1. ME! I want a Mac! hahaha

    o sige na nga kahit anong cheap basta handmade ha! (-:

    “The Baguio Transplant is the type who would bury her miseries and bad memories in some turd-infested patch of land and expect rainbows to grow from them.”

    –sasabihin ko kay Jang ilagay ito sa epitaph ko hihi hahaha

  2. also, I got this idea from my other LJ friends, aphazia and jajajas to be exact. (-: kiko mag LJ ka rin, masaya don (-:

  3. si aphazia!! ahahaha. tama ba? do we know the same aphazia? kasi kung ganun, bale ba it figures din na she’d think of something like this.

    hmmm… parang naging circular itong project. hahahaha! di na nag-expand. but yes, i’ll try to cook up something to send you. address? =)

  4. hehe yep we know the same aphazia.

    and yep ulit, umikot medyo yung project hahaha, pero ayos lang yannnnn.

    ano email add mo? email ko mailing add ko don (-:

  5. kat, it’s =)) pay it around pala yung title! hahahahaha! i hope anyway na umusbong to. it’s a really swell idea. :)

    hahaha. sabi ko na sha rin yun eh. very few people else come to mind when you cross the words creativity and cheerfulness.

  6. so kasalanan pala ni andrea to. hahahaha. osha sige ano kelangan kong gawin? repost ayt? pwede sa facebook na lang? hahaha.

  7. yup! kahit saan katie! hehehehehe. woohoo!

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