Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | February 7, 2009

Paying it forward

My mental to-do list now feels like a washing machine, with items tumbling, spinning and intertwining hopelessly in my head.  I wish I could get everything over and done with but like the Chinese say, the journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So this is my first step. Crossing off a post I owe a friend.

One, I need to keep alive a Pay-It-Forward kind of thing launched by the Baguio Transplant.  Last month, she put up this blog project wherein she would give out handmade/homemade products to the first five people to respond to her post.

So here goes: The first five people to respond to this post will get a handmade/homemade gift from yours truly.

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Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | January 20, 2009

Can we have our group hug now?

ely raimund marcus buddy

They’re doing it all over again.

As you all know by now, the Eraserheads have listened to the pleas of the multitude and are going to reunite for one more gig to make up for that abbreviated reunion concert in August last year.

And this isn’t going to be a continuation. It’s going to be an entire show, not just one that picks up from where they last left. That’s what the Heads themselves said when they held a press conference announcing the concert. It’s going to take place at the Mall of Asia on March 7. So red-letter that day and begin your Frodo-like quest to get your tickets. I began mine with an open letter to the organizers just recently.

And if you need any more reason to drag you off your butts to go on a crusade, beg, strip, offer sexual favors and donate eggs to monasteries in exchange for tickets, it’s this rather melancholic message from the band’s frontman:

“As far as I know, this is going to be the final time (the Heads will play together),” said Ely Buendia.

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Let me start this one off with an admission.

I am not the No. 1 Eraserheads fan.

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Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | December 9, 2008

Up next for Manny Pacquiao

High school buddy Gerry, after watching Manny Pacquiao finish off Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy career, blogged about the two boxers the Pacman should mix it up with next year.

He started off with Ricky Hatton, the beer-guzzling bloke from Manchester City who should present an easy target for Pacquiao’s pet left straight.

The bigger fight, though, would be Floyd Mayweather Jr., for the right to inherit boxing’s mythical pound-for-pound throne.

Sad to say, though, Manny Pacquiao’s next fight has already been sealed. And it ain’t with either fighter.

And you guys got the scoop here at Smallville.

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Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | November 5, 2008

He was right all this time

Even during those days when Hillary Clinton was a favorite for the Democratic nomination, even when people with 9-11 images seared behind their eyelids continued whispering Rudy Giuliani’s name, even when John McCain was just another Republican hopeful…

This guy had but two words when it came to the US presidential elections: Barack Obama.

Yesterday, as the United States’ first African-American president addressed the mighty nation he is to lead for the next four years, the paraphrased words of actress Moira Kelly, playing a bitchy, ice-cold ice skating diva in the movie Cutting Edge, strangely, came to my mind: Remember who said it first.

Great call, Ger!

Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | October 22, 2008

Be not afraid (the music video)

First off, a word of apology to the people who made it here by way of multiply. I could not find a way to embed this video there, thus I had to redirect you guys here.

Don’t worry, it will be worth your while. HAH!

Anyway, I had been working on this project for quite some time, trying to cook up a surprise for the UP Cum Laude, who I knew would be plotting a birthday surprise for me (and what a surprise it was!). So, after tossing the idea around in my head, I decided to put things into motion on two consecutive Mondays.

But first, a handful of disclaimers.

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Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 27, 2008

Guy walks into a bar… Part 6

(Otherwise known as the post-Ateneo-La Salle post. With wtf, trying-hard cartoons!)

I write this today because I was kind of hoping that I would spring a few tickets to what would have been Game Three of the UAAP college blockbuster and absent myself from work to take the UP Cum Laude to an Ateneo-La Salle match.

Unfortunately, the Eagles were too tall, too cohesive and too talented to be denied of a sweep. And the Archers? Suffice it to say that a lot of their offseason training for next year will center on How-Not-To-Flash-The-Dirty-Finger-During-A-Crucial-Phase-Of-The-Game.

rico maierhofer: a lot of love despite his dirty finger

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Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 24, 2008

It’s that time of the year again

LONG before Billy Crystal’s witty sarcasm and rapid-fire retorts retreated to the pompous, flashy humor that is so prevalent in today’s comic scene and long before Meg Ryan’s wide-eyed charm dried up into an overused, overmilked  lump of sappiness, I did watch romantic comedies for both the romance and the comedy.

Nowadays, it’s basically because of the comedy. And sometimes, even that part doesn’t get pulled off cleanly.

So, in a throwback to those days, here’s something from the Billy Crystal-Meg Ryan hit When Harry Met Sally. It’s loaded with mush, I know, but considering what day it is today, methinks it’s quite apt. And besides, celebrating this holiday for the third time means starting it off with a quote for the third time:

I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. ” –Harry Burns to Sally Albright, on New Year’s Eve.
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Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 17, 2008

Guy walks into a bar… Part 5

(This post cross-posted here, where I keep my photos)

I suddenly realized I missed doing this series.

For some reason, I suddenly browsed through the archived entries of this series, and realized that a lot of things that I had written were sarcastic shoot-backs by my inner voice at some of the things that were happening then. These remarks, somehow failed to travel from my inner voice to my mouth.

I call it tact and diplomacy. My inner voice calls it an inadequacy of balls.
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Posted by: theboyfromsmallville | September 9, 2008

Eraserheads Reunion Concert: Encore

The Heads have spoken. They are definitely out to finish what they started. When? They want to make sure Ely’s going to be okay first.

That said, I promised more photos of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert. These ones were taken by the UP Cum Laude with her trusted Cylver. Consider this my way of ending the series of posts about the night of Aug. 30 08. I have more photos actually, but those, and the ones posted here in bite-sized fashion, will be uploaded to the multiply site.

I’ll update the link once I get everything uploaded.

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